A Guide to Understanding How Software Development Works


Software development entails programmers designing and building computer programs and applications. The process of developing a program is composed of several steps. Along this article we will explore and explain the different stages of developing software.

Key Steps in the Software Development Process

For users wondering what is software development and what are the key aspects of this process, there are six major stages to create a program:


The first step is all about market research and brainstorming. Before a program is developed

extensive market research must be performed to determine if the product is viable. The team in charge must identify the services and functions the program or software needs to perform, so the users can get the most out of it and find it practical and useful.

Analysis of the Requirements

The second stage in software development is analyzing the project requirements. In this phase, stakeholders agree on the specifications and technical requirements of the project to achieve the objectives.


At this stage, developers must obtain a detailed outline of every component, including the scope, tasks, and testing specifications, to deliver an efficient product.


The third stage of the software development process is design. In this stage, developers and architects draw up advanced specifications to fit the project’s requirements. Stakeholders will evaluate several factors, such as team composition, risk levels, applicable technologies, budget, and architecturañ design.

The goal of this step is to provide a template for testers and developers. This template will help reduce the chances of flaws and unwanted delays in the finished product.


The fourth stage involves developing and implementing the agreed-upon design parameters.

In this phase, developers write or use code based on the specific characteristics agreed on in previous stages. The company will provide the guidelines for front-end developers to build interfaces and backends.


On the implementation stage, programmers also evaluate each other’s code. Once the coding is finished, the product is deployed to an environment in the implementation stage. This allows them to test a first version of the product and its performance.

Testing the Performance

The testing stage checks the software and verifies its performance before presenting it to the users. In this phase of development, the experts in charge of the evaluation verify whether the program is performing according to the agreed-upon requirements.

The program is evaluated using exploratory testing or a test script to certify the performance of the individual components. If any flaw is found, the program needs to be improved, and the process is repeated until the program is free of bugs.

Once the software is ready, it is released and presented to the customers, and the company would set up a maintenance team to deal with the issues that customers may experience with the program.

Software development needs to be conducted in an organized manner to produce an efficient product. Every stage is important, and team effort is crucial to obtain a program that can provide solutions.