Graphic Design Is My Passion: The History And Meaning Of The Meme

You’ve undoubtedly seen it. You may have even tweeted or posted the notorious “graphic design is my passion” meme on Facebook or Twitter – perhaps with a GIF of yourself saying it. But what exactly does this picture convey? How did it originate? And why should you be concerned about anything other than how funny the joke is, anyway?

In this post, we’ll discuss all of these things and more.

Where did Graphic Design Is My Passion Come From?

The meme “Graphic Design Is My Passion” began on Tumblr in 2014.

The comically appropriate memes are employed as a reaction to an egregious example of graphic design, hence the extremely bad meme design. There are even whole Tumblr accounts dedicated to the meme.

Graphic Design Is My Passion is a phrase that is frequently employed by visual artists or graphic design companies in self-promotion. On Tumblr, the usual saying has been mocked as the caustic motto for photos with clip art cartoon characters placed over a dusky sky.

On July 7th, 2014, Tumblr user Yungterra uploaded a photo of a hazy sky with a green cartoon frog clip art and the caption “graphic design is my passion” written in the Papyrus typeface (shown above, left). The post gained over 352,000 comments during the next year. The cartoon frog may be found on Classroom Clipart, where it features a copyright date of 2011.

The “Graphic Design Is My Passion” meme was created, and there was no turning back.

The original "graphic design is my passion" meme, that was created by yungterra in 2014.The original “Graphic Design Is My Passion” meme.

Going Viral

On January 29th, 2015, Tumblr user hatchergold uploaded the photo along with the caption “Staff be like,” which received over 131,000 notes in eight months. On April 15th, dreamyacorn submitted a photograph of the new Tumblr logo above Yungterra’s original image (shown below), gaining more than 130,000 likes in the following five months.

On June 7th, the Tumblr blog Meme Archives added a “graphic design is my passion” tag with several instances of the meme.

After that, several versions were introduced to the public. Graphic design is a passion of mine, and there are versions utilizing rudimentary moving graphics abilities, WordArt, and Paint-made variants.

The AnimatedText Tumblr blog posted an animated GIF of the phrase “graphic design is my passion” (seen below) on July 13th. Within two months, it had over 144,000 notes.

This gif is a series of plays on the original "graphic design is my passion" meme to show the irony of the wording against the graphics.As you can tell by the name, this GIF is a play on the original Graphic Design Is My Passion meme to illustrate the irony of the message against the visuals. Tumblr user gothicprep developed the animation.

On August 10th, Tumblr user kykiske submitted a text post that said, “Tumblr staff: graphic design is my passion.” The GraphicDesignIsMyPassion Tumblr blog was established the following day, featuring photographs and articles regarding the phrase.

What does Graphic Design Is My Passion mean?

Designers, visual artists, and design companies originally used the phrase as a joking insult for poor design. The internet community embraced the cliché and transformed it into a mocking statement directed at designers who take their work too seriously, as it frequently does in such circumstances.

The Graphic Design Is My Passion meme mocks the numerous low-quality graphic designs available on the internet, from amateur graphic designers who use paint, words, or other free tools to produce design changes. I’d also say that this stems from a lack of patience. Many individuals are perplexed as to why a graphic designer would need so much time and money for a task when in their opinion it should be quite simple and straightforward.

What are memes?

The term “meme” was borrowed from evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’ 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” Memes, according to Dawkins, are means for passing culture and ideas from person to person through conversation, such as jokes, stories, or songs.

Memes are viral. Because they may be easily shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they have grown in popularity. Memes have established their own culture and etiquette, including their own set of rules and norms. It is common for people to share the meme without providing context or making it seem like a joke or serious statement – simply a picture that expresses my interest in graphic design.

Graphic Design Is My Passion Font

Any typefaces that are overused (or disliked) is great for creating the Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme.

Comic Sans, Arial and Times New Roman are excellent examples. Word art is another possibility.

The original meme uses the Papyrus font, which is really hated. The most detested typefaces ever exist. This makes the font ideal for a meme like this.

Our Favorite Examples

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