A List of Libraries For Data Visualization Charts


React comes with a very good UI component ecosystem that makes integrating charts extremely easy. With that in mind, finding the best React library that helps you integrate charts has its fair share of challenges. It’s ideal to find the best library that gives those data visualization features, and the options shown here are some of the best right now.


The react-google-charts library combines the great React experience with features from Google. That being said, the integration is seamless. You also have the Google charting systems that give you a very good visualization experience.


Recharts is a library built with React and D3. It has very good documentation, and it’s a very popular library. If you want a good way to implement data visualization in React, then this is one of the top options. It even has SVG drawing support. However, there’s no mobile support.


react-chartjs-2 is a great library especially if you used Chart.js in React. There’s no large learning curve, and you also have support for animation. Also, they have responsive charts too, not to mention you can work with a large variety of chart styles.



Victory is a great ecosystem of React components that can help you build very good interactive visualizations. It also has a really detailed documentation, which helps enhance the way you work, while delivering an excellent experience. They also provide responsive charts, which can be great when you want to show data!


React-Vis is made with D3 and React. It’s known for being one of the easiest chart libraries you can start with. You have access to a great range of components. In addition, it allows you to create pie, bar, and line charts, among many others.



ECharts is a library built by Apache and has React support. They bring 200+ data visualization types, and you get a very good customization system. They even have extensions and themes. The support and documentation are excellent since it has a very large user base.


Airbnb built Visx, and it offers many chart options. They also have Canvas and Visx support. That makes Visx a great solution, especially since it’s visually appealing. Yet, despite that, you’re also getting all the customization features that you need. The performance is very good for it, and the bundle size is small. It’s a great solution for those that need a comprehensive, yet simple library for data visualization charts.

These libraries are a great solution for anyone that wants to have visualization charts in React. It’s a great opportunity to use this system, because it gives you the much-needed results, while also saving both time and effort. Plus, once you start using these libraries, you’ll have no problem creating state of the art charts that help convey all the information and knowledge you need. Test them out for yourself, and you will find them to deliver an exceptional value and experience!