Aussie Game Development-Boosting Demand For Graphics Design Talents

Aussie Game Development-Boosting Demand For Graphics Design Talents

Widely recognized as one of the key hubs for global tech advances, Australia has certainly made its mark within the digital enterprise marketplace. One of the fastest growing sectors is the design and production of video games, which are by their very nature highly dependent on graphics design.

In fact, sales of video games in Australia have boomed over the last year. According to the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), the industry generated more than AU $4.2 billion in revenues for 2022, marking a 5% increase on 2021 figures. The numbers for 2023 are also projected to show further growth:

This thriving environment is also buoyed by great infrastructure, plus impressive levels of both national and state government support, which includes grants for new startups. Within the Australian educational system, there’s also a keen focus on video game production, having recognized the sector as having become an important driver for jobs and the economy.

Aussie Game Development-Boosting Demand For Graphics Design Talents

Cultural Diversity Underpins The Aussie Games Environment

Still often considered to be an “immigrant” country, around one in four nationalized Australians were actually born overseas, based on statistics gathered in the most recent 2021 census. Almost half the population has one or more parents who were born outside Australia, highlighting the rich fusion of cultural diversity, all contributing to the thriving vocational panorama this country now boasts.

Aussie game developers and graphics designers also enjoy huge variety, making products aimed at numerous genres and niches of gaming. This can range from international AAA game collaborations to indie studio productions and anything in between. One flourishing market is the iGaming sector, producing software and games for the most reputable online casinos, from pokies to virtual card games and much more:

Beyond the direct involvement of contributing to the development of games, visual design talents are also in high demand for a wide range of associated activities. These range from user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, core product design, or art direction to digital creativity for websites and product graphics. And right now, Australia has become one of the most attractive locations for these professional vocations.

Aussie Game Development-Boosting Demand For Graphics Design Talents

Australia Is Positioned Favourably In The Global Space

While it may sometimes be overlooked when people are seeking new employment, Australia is located in an ideal geographical location and time zone. But why does this matter for companies and their employees? Well, the games industry is about as global as they come, and Australia is conveniently positioned between the Western and Asian markets.

This makes Australian companies collaboration and reach, bridging the gap between these otherwise distant marketplaces. Due to this increasingly important central position, the demand for skilled graphics design professionals becomes clearer when comparing salaries. In real money terms, motion graphics designers in Australia can earn twice what their US counterparts make:

Of course, the specifics of each job can vary significantly, but in most graphics design roles, Australian employees and freelancers tend to enjoy higher earnings. This has inevitably made the country popular for game designers of all stripes and capabilities, luring them to what has become a booming industry Down Under, where growth and further expansion currently seem to have no ceiling or limits.