Best Laptops For Animation And Graphic Design

Welcome to our selection of the best laptops for animation and graphic design. Modern computers are more portable – and powerful – than ever before, making it much easier to work on cartoons from virtually anywhere.

Because of advancements in mobile technology, even complicated 3D animations may now be completed on a laptop rather than a large, bulky desktop PC. This is more vital than ever for those who are truly embracing the new normal of hybrid working, in which you work from home on certain days and at an office or studio on others.

However, because there is so much choice out there, we’ve compiled a list of the finest laptops for various budgets right here. Every laptop on this page can run the greatest animation software, including After Effects, Blender, Maya, and more.

When shopping for a laptop for animation, seek one with a current CPU and enough RAM – at the very least, 8GB, but ideally 16GB or more. A laptop with a dedicated graphics card is worth investing in if you’re going to be working on complicated 3D animations. This may significantly speed up your workflow, but these computers can be rather costly.

Check out our guide on the best laptop for graphic design for more information.

Best Laptops For Animation And Graphic Design

Following is our list of the best laptops for animation and graphic design:

HP Zbook 15u Notebook

With a Core i7 processor, cutting-edge GPU multicore processor abilities, and 16GB RAM, the Zbook can easily handle demanding design and visual effects software. It features a large screen and high resolution, resulting in exceptional quality.

The HP Zbook is a stunning notebook that is designed for ease. It’s exceptionally light and easy to use because of its elegant touch screen. Its CPU is lightning fast, which is essential for design and animation software. It also features extremely powerful built-in speakers.

It is also cost-effective, with a six-hour battery life that lets you work as hard and long as possible. You can’t go wrong with an HP Zbook; it comes with a 3-year guarantee and provides incredible speed, allowing you to do all of your graphics and design work with ease.

Apple MacBook Pro

Like many other Apple gadgets, the Apple MacBook Pro is a stylish graphics and animations laptop with a clean look and streamlined performance for any professional designer or animator. Apple MacBook Pro gives exceptional speed for all your tasks such as video encoding and rendering 3D models and large file transfers, thanks to its i7 Quad-core CPU, powerful Radeon Pro discrete GPU, and blazing fast SSD storage.

For designers and animation gurus, the Apple Macbook yells quality with its newest generation i7 CPU and super-fast graphics. Working with this laptop is an all-around seamless experience that gives exceptional comfort and quick responsiveness. It is thin, light, and slender.

It has a high resolution and offers the brightest display and clarity, with LED illumination, a high contrast ratio, and a wide color range.

With a ten-hour average battery life, you can keep creating, editing, encoding, viewing, and gaming for as long as you want from anywhere. It boasts a powerful sound system with cutting-edge rapid speakers and supports a variety of Wi-Fi protocols. The Apple MacBook is one of the laptops to use if you want the finest quality animation and graphics performance. It has incredible power, a long battery life, and blistering speed.

Razer Blade 17 (2022)

The Razer Blade 17 is an excellent animation laptop, combining Razer’s well-known build quality with some of the most powerful mobile components currently available. This features Intel’s newest 12th generation CPUs as well as Nvidia’s latest GeForce RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU.

This is the most powerful GPU you can get in a laptop without paying a lot of money, thus, even the most complex and elaborate 3D animations will run smoothly on this computer. Ray tracing may also be used to give realistic lighting effects to your animations, taking them to the next level.

It’s pricey, but you’re getting some of the greatest mobile technology available right now for your money. This is a fantastic creative workstation for folks that require a lot of power, thanks to its excellent build quality and a magnificent 17-inch screen. However, it may be overkill for folks creating 2D animations for the web.

Gigabyte Aero 17 (2021)

The Gigabyte Aero 17 (2021) is still one of the most powerful laptops available, making it ideal for animators. It not only has some of the most cutting-edge mobile technology, but it also has a gorgeous display and plenty of ports.

The 17.3-inch display has a 4K resolution, so your work will look fantastic, and with up to a Core i9 CPU and 64GB of RAM, this is a very powerful mobile workstation.

There are trade-offs, since it’s a pricey laptop with poor battery life, but if you have the cash and need the power, our assessment found that this is a fantastic purchase.

ASUS ZenBook 3

The Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe comes with everything you need for great design and animation. An unrivaled combination of power and beauty strikes the ideal balance between performance, productivity, and portability.

Its features, which include 16 GB RAM, an i7 Core CPU, a 14-inch screen, high-quality USB connections, and high-quality graphics, ensure that all of your design and animation tasks run smoothly.

ZenBook 3 Deluxe, which comes in a gorgeous royal blue hue, takes graphic design and animation activities to the next level. With its 8th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU, RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, thunderbolt USB ports, and display compatibility that provides brilliant coloring and limitless contrast at wide-view angles, it offers everything you need high-end quality performance and simple collaboration.

It also features a strong quad-speaker audio system, improved Wi-Fi capabilities, and a stunning 9-hour battery life with lightning-fast charging technology. This elegant and powerful laptop has everything you need for exceptional animation and graphics quality and performance.


These are some of the best laptops available for animation and graphic design. Each one has its own set of features that make it ideal for different tasks. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget to get the most out of your work. Visit our website to learn more about animation and photo editing software.