Easy Ways to Remove a Background from a Logo

Have you ever tried to put a logo over your image or design, only to find out that it has an annoying white background? That’s an unpleasant situation, and working around it requires editing the image. Thankfully, this can be done in a moment and in more ways than one. Below, we will show you how to remove the background from a logo with Photoshop and PhotoWorks – the more accessible alternative. Let’s dive right into it!

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Photoshop is probably the first name that comes to mind when someone mentions photo editing. It has a very long history and is still ahead of most of its competitors. Photoshop keeps evolving and pushing boundaries – the latest versions include trendy AI-powered tools, allowing you to achieve even more. It is capable of any editing wizardry you can think of, as long as you’re willing to master it – this is a pro-level tool with a learning curve, after all. Regardless, you can remove the background from your logo easily. Here’s how:

  1. Load an image. Open your logo, navigate to the Layers panel and unlock the layer.
  2. Remove the backdrop. Go to the Properties panel, find Quick Actions, and click Remove Background.
  3. Clean the leftovers. In case there are bits of the logo background left, use Brush to remove them.
  4. Export the result. Save your work to use the now backgroundless logo in future projects.

And that’s the gist of it. If you need more information, you can read this guide on how to remove the logo background and explore this technique in greater detail.


Unlike its “senior comrade”, PhotoWorks is designed with the needs of casual users in mind. Although less versatile than Photoshop, it is much easier to master. PhotoWorks still offers a wealth of features for deep photo processing and streamlined workflow – filters, retouching tools, LUT profiles, and whatnot. On top of that, it also has AI-powered functions and batch processing feature. Here’s how to remove the logo background with it:

  1. Add an image. Run the program and click Open Photo to load your logo into the program. You can also drag & drop the picture directly into the program window.
  2. Pick a tool. Go to the Tools tab and pick Change Background.
  3. Remove the background. Use the Object brush to highlight the logo itself. Then use the Background brush to mark the parts you want to remove.
  4. Do the cleanup. Turn the Background Opacity to 0 to see if there are any leftovers. Use the corresponding brushes to restore or remove little parts mishandled by automatics. Then click Next.
  5. Save the result. Click Save with Transparent Background to export your logo as a PNG file with no backdrop. Done!

This is the basics of background removal with PhotoWorks. There are nuances to this process, and if you wish to dive deeper, read this more detailed guide on how to remove the background from a logo with PhotoWorks.

You now know how to get rid of the background from your logos. So, which way would you prefer? Go with the almighty, but cumbersome Photoshop or more user-friendly and focused PhotoWorks? Choose the software that best meets your needs. We hope you found this article useful and wish you luck with your photo editing!