Games You Can Play on Crypto Casinos

What comes to mind when you think of the things you can do with cryptocurrency? For most of us, investment would be the top choice, and while this is true, it is not all that you can do with these digital assets.

You can also gamble with cryptocurrency, which has proven to be popular with consumers. Now, there are thousands of crypto casinos all over the internet that, and as Michael Graw explains, the finest in 2024, let you bet on many different games. You can also opt for token-specific platforms like Solana Casino. But what exact games can you bet on in 2024 using cryptocurrency? We highlight them in this article.

Traditional Casino Games

When you think of a casino, there are a few classic games that always spring to mind. You have the ones like poker, blackjack, backgammon, slots, and much more. While these were played in physical gambling establishments for years, they have made their way to crypto casinos as well. If you take a look at most crypto casinos, you’ll see these games offered for players but in a virtual sense.

Many of them also tend to have specific themes like safaris or ancient Egypt. Either way, they can be played from the comfort of your own home and using crypto as a wager.

Modern Gambling Games

Along with the games that you’d see at physical casinos, there are also several offerings that you might not immediately consider when it comes to gambling. Perhaps the most popular of these is Plinko. Originating in Japan, Plinko sees the player drop a ball from the top of a tower made up of pegs with gutters at the bottom, with each gutter having a number attached.

The number that the ball falls into shows how much money they will win or lose relative to their initial wager. Plinko has become a modern favorite of casino users, and crypto casinos tend to offer it as well.


It’s impossible to talk about betting of any kind without talking about sports. Sports betting is an industry worth billions of dollars, and crypto has been integrated into this sector rather well. Many crypto betting sites allow you to gamble on any sport you can think of, from soccer to American football to horse racing. This works the same way that traditional sports betting does, which is that you choose a sport, wager on an outcome and maybe even win.

Crypto betting also extends to fantasy sports, with customers being able to build their own virtual teams and profit based on the players’ performance in real life.

Non-sports Competitions

There are always competitions and events going on in the world that have nothing to do with sports, and crypto-betting sites allow you to wager on them as well. Take the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which has been bet on for decades now. You also have elections in various countries, awards shows like the Oscars and much more.


If there is a prominent development going on with an uncertain outcome, chances are that you can bet on them with fiat and crypto alike. Because much of the focus tends to be casino games and sports, it might take a bit more searching to find one for this purpose.


Another option for anyone looking to gamble with crypto would be lotteries. Pretty much everyone is familiar with how a lottery works; you wager a certain amount of money and a winner is picked at random and they get a jackpot. This can be a few dollars or, in the case of some recent events, up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are crypto lotteries that work with the same concept but with digital assets as opposed to fiat. In some cases, there are even no-loss lotteries where the prize money is gotten through staking and those who don’t win have their funds given back to them. This is a good option for the more risk-averse consumer and has proven to be quite popular.

Live Games

Many crypto casinos have worked to give consumers the same ambiance and feel as they would get in a real-life casino, and this has included live games. The games are played in a real-life facility and live-streamed on the internet. Players can dictate the moves they want to make from the comfort of their homes and see them executed live.


The popularity of these games shows that customers enjoy having the best of both worlds and also the power of technology to connect people all over the world.


If you’re considering gambling with cryptocurrency, you will be spoiled for choice. These casinos have hundreds of titles to choose from, and they cover virtually everything you might want to gamble with. You can play all the classic casino games like poker and blackjack and even have them played live if that is more to your taste. There are also more modern games like Plinko to enjoy, as well as sports betting.

No matter what sport you are a fan of, you will probably find something that will appeal to you. You can also bet on non-sports competitions like award shows or play in one of the many crypto-based lotteries.

The crypto betting scene has shown that it does not lack variety in any way and this will likely keep it relevant and popular among consumers for many years to come.