How Good Graphic Design Helps Loyalty Program Sustain Customer Retention

Good graphic design in an online platform or company plays an irreplaceable role in helping loyalty programs sustain customer retention.

Good graphic design is a prerequisite for a company’s brand marketing. People are more likely to become loyal to brands with well-thought-out marketing strategies. Because of that, good graphic design is a must for gaining customer loyalty and retention.

Good products from a company won’t become bestsellers if the marketing isn’t as good. A good marketing strategy must use engrossing graphic designs to pique interest. Flagship products and loyalty programs, in particular, must have top-tier marketing.

We will explain how good graphic design can help loyalty programs in maintaining customer loyalty. Loyalty programs and good graphic design go hand-in-hand, and we’d like to show how important both are for companies.

Customer Loyalty

Let’s start by talking a bit about customer loyalty. Customer loyalty happens when a customer continues to buy products from a specific company instead of others. Other companies fail to capture their attention, even though they may be better.

Although one loyal customer doesn’t mean much, it’s a different story if they’re many. Many loyal customers will recommend their favorite company to families or friends.

It creates an organic promotion of the company’s products. In the end, the company’s customer demographic also naturally expands and increases.

One of the most effective ways of creating loyal customers is a loyalty program. This program provides benefits and perks that are unavailable in other products from a company. The more money the customer spends on the company, the better the rewards they have with this program.

Of course, after becoming long-time customers, they want to have exclusive treatment. Companies must offer exclusive benefits and perks to reward such loyal regulars. A good loyalty program offers benefits, including early access to new products and sales, special services, and members-exclusive discounts.


Loyalty programs commonly exist in all kinds of businesses. However, they’re usually easier to find in high-volume businesses that have higher-paying customers. High-volume companies must do anything they can to ensure that high-paying customers are satisfied.

Graphic Designs to Enhance Loyalty

To attract customers, loyalty programs usually have well-thought-out visual graphic designs. Aesthetically suitable colors, fonts, and shapes make up the bulk of the program’s user interface (UI). The user experience (UX) is also greatly improved to ensure ease of access for loyal customers when opening the programs’ websites.

Different demographics have different graphic design tastes. For example, companies whose main demographic is young adults should use graphic design elements with colorful and dynamic looks. On the other hand, top-tier brands that target the upper-class society should use more refined visual elements to keep their marketing strategy consistent.

Visual elements suitable to their targeted demographics are important in presenting a company’s loyalty program. They build an emotional connection between the customers with the companies, which endears the companies to them.

If designed and presented correctly, the visual elements can improve the loyalty program’s website UI and make navigation easier. Even better, conversion rates and customer satisfaction can increase over time.

Differentiation is Key

With good graphic design elements, loyalty programs can boost their parent companies’ success. By improving the loyalty program’s visual appearance, companies will more likely retain long-term patrons in the long run.

An example of a good loyalty program is the Sportsbet Clubhouse program. The world-renowned sports betting platform created Clubhouse to cater to the platform’s loyal customers. Sports betting platforms are no strangers to loyalty programs to ensure punters keep betting on their favorite sports.

To differentiate itself from other competitors, Clubhouse offers the chance for punters to interact with their favorite sports athletes. Punters are also entitled to having Free Bets if they fulfill specific requirements, including making accurate wager predictions.

With a dynamic yet simple visual appearance, Clubhouse wants to make navigation on the website easy. Dark gray, green, and white colors define the website’s appearance, making it consistent with Sportsbet’s default website UI.


Befitting Sportsbet’s visual identity, Clubhouse doesn’t use overblown graphic design elements to make the UX better and attract punters to access the platform’s exclusive features.