How To Write Copy for Your Product Packaging

Writing copy for product packaging is essential for encouraging customers to purchase from your business. Learn how to perfect your verbiage here.
How To Write Copy for Your Product Packaging

The meaning of copy in graphic design is the text within a composition. For example, the quote “made with real cheese” on your favorite snack is considered a form of copy. So how do you write copy for your product packaging? Use the tips below to ensure you’re engaging with your customers and creating compelling copy for your graphic design.

Keep Your Customers in Mind

You must have a target audience in mind whenever you develop a new product or business. While you have an idea of who might buy your products, you still need to add specific details to your packaging to secure the sale. This means you must consider your customers’ interests when writing out copy. Ignoring your audience’s preferences could turn them away from you and toward the competition, so be mindful of what words you’re placing on your graphics. Use buzzwords that will surely draw in your desired customer base.

Write Brief Sentences

There is only a limited amount of room on your product’s packaging. Therefore, you cannot write an entire novel; if you’re too wordy, you could easily overcrowd the graphic. Keeping your sentences short, brief, and sweet is the best route to take. This ensures you have enough room to get your point across and grab customers’ attention.

Consider the Whole Package

Speaking of limited space on packaging, there is more than one panel you can print graphics on. When you understand the complete packaging design process, you know how important every detail is. Don’t be afraid to include a small copy on each panel of your boxes. For example, the front-facing panel might have a catchphrase, while the back panel houses more information on the product.

Use Catchy Words

Your play on words can make a huge difference to the success of your copy. For instance, if you sell coffee, customers are more likely to pick up your product when you feature catchy words like “chocolaty,” “nutty,” or “delightful” in the graphic. Don’t be afraid to play around with different words until you find something perfect for your packaging.

Perfect Your Work

Perfecting your work is essential when you’re learning how to write out copy for product packaging. An author wouldn’t print thousands of books without proofreading and editing first. You should also be doing this with your copy. Check for spelling, grammar, and any other errors before finalizing your design.

Copy is an important aspect of your product packaging. Take your time writing this to ensure you use the best words and sentences to attract more customers.