Software Used by Online Games and More

Image2Did you know that the online gaming industry has become one of the largest industries in the world? In 2023, 3.38 billion people around the world were playing online games, and the revenue from the industry was estimated to be about $187.7 billion.

Even though the industry is so popular, many people are still not as clued up about how these games actually work. Today, we’ll explore the topic of online gaming and learn what software is used to connect people from all around the world. We’ll also discuss the different online gaming options and how they work.

What is Online Gaming?

Online gaming is a phrase that refers to any type of gaming that occurs when someone plays with others using an internet connection. Due to technological advancements, online gaming is no longer confined to laptops or desktop computers but can be done using consoles, mobile devices, or handheld consoles.

The genre itself is quite vast, with many subgenres. For example, there is cooperative online gaming, where players work together, player versus player online gaming, or simply multiplayer experiences where players can interact with each other in a virtual environment. Then within those online gaming genres are various games created within a genre itself, like casino gaming, RPGs, MOBAs, survival, horror, and more.

Online Casino Gaming

Online casino gaming refers to casino games that are played using an internet connection, which can be done through a browser or a downloadable client.


Any game that can be found at a physical casino is available at an online casino, such as

  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

Online poker games are usually created by a developer and then hosted at an online casino, with some having downloadable clients. These games use RNG (random number generation) software which ensures complete randomness in terms of deal outcomes and card shuffling.

These games, and any online casino multiplayer game, use multiplayer networking software to facilitate real-time interaction and communication between players. Furthermore, data analytics and reporting software continually run in the background to track the game performance and player behaviour to gain an insight for improvements.

Browser-Based Games

Browser-based online gaming refers to games that can be played in a browser which don’t require any software to be downloaded. Typically, these games use HTML5 for the visuals (graphics rendering), whereas JavaScript is used for the games logic (what happens when a player clicks this button and what is the result of this combination of cards or symbols).


If the game uses 3D graphics, then it’s likely that software like WebGL is used, which is a JavaScript API (think flashy animations, or a realistic looking poker game).

Then there is software that’s used to host all the games and handle the information sent between the game client and server. Popular options used for this include Microsoft Internet Information Services or Apache.

Client-Based Online Gaming

Client-based online gaming is very much a traditional form of gaming, except the game either requires an internet connection to be played or is played online with other people. This type of online gaming requires the player to download a client. The client can be thought of as the application players need to log in to and download the game and necessary updates from. It’s almost like a portal.

These clients are standalone applications and are usually dedicated to one game. World of Warcraft is one example, or in terms of online casino gaming, it would be a client dedicated to one specific game, like poker or slots.

Sometimes players might be able to play the game offline once they’ve logged in, which may sound confusing. Essentially the client needs to verify your identity or that you actually own the game.

Client-based games also typically have far superior graphics, a separate store in the client for microtransactions for in-game purchases and have far stricter anti-cheat measures.

What Makes Online Gaming Popular?

Online gaming has become popular for a number of reasons. For one, people love social interaction and online gaming usually involves some sort of multiplayer aspect, allowing players to engage with one another. Multiplayer cooperative games wouldn’t be possible without being online. Gambling fans wouldn’t be able to play poker against real people. On a larger scale, online gaming allows people to connect globally, and many people play online games to make international friends.

Another reason is that many people have a natural yearning for competition and online gaming makes competitive play possible. It has also led to the creation of Esports and has helped millions of people make a career of streaming and playing their favorite titles.

Finally, most online games receive continuous updates. This means that there is always new content being created for the games, leading to more things to explore and discover with each season or updates. This keeps the experience new and exciting.