Top Three Ways To Maximize Your Data Center Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to make your data center more efficient? All you need to do is make simple and thoughtful changes. Learn more about it here.

If you want to better manage your data center efficiency, it’s ideal to do it correctly since it’ll impact every other part of your business. It can have a multifaceted effect on your business, including how efficient you are at retrieving business and client data. You can optimize your space to further expand and even improve how quickly you can access your racks for repairs. It’s easier to do this than you think. Learn the top three ways you can maximize your data center efficiency below.

Optimizing the Layout

Are you preparing your data center for expansion? Any innovative business is liable to grow, especially regarding innovations in business processes and technical support. Of course, you can knock over a wall and create more room, but that can be costly. Instead, try to optimize the space you already have by arranging your data center racks and servers to utilize space appropriately. Think of this as a game of Tetris. How many rows can you fit in one space, and how tightly packed can you make your data cabinets or racks? Make sure you find the right server cabinet size for your center. Then, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your needs.

Improving Cable Management

Cable management is essential. This is actually an extension of the first point. Cables can take up lots of space in the back of your server cabinets. You can mitigate this through good cable management. You can color code your cables, place them in a cable holder, or do any other thing that might collate them in one place. You don’t want them to hang loosely in a tangled ball behind the server. This is a serious problem, especially with regard to access and space. How will your IT people get to your server for repairs if they can’t get past the cables?

Enhancing Data Center Cooling Systems

Make sure your data center is efficient. You need to keep the lights on, and the data center can use lots of power. One of the best ways to maximize your data center efficiency is to save on energy. A good way to do this is to install economizers. These can reduce power consumption in your data center with a cooler that uses air temperatures outside to cool the facility and hardware. You can also contain heat and equipment that can house the data center equipment that may be generating a ton of heat. You can then funnel that heat from the data center while heating other building parts.

Overall, there are many ways to help you maximize your data centers efficiently. Using any of these tips will help you tremendously.