Generative AI Is Changing the Video Game Experience

A multi-billion-dollar industry such as the video games industry wouldn’t allow itself to miss the chance to improve and grow. These improvements are shown in many ways, and due to the dependence on technology, it is only logical to see the advancements in this field in the new video games. Opening weeks are recording millions of releases, and the players’ community is becoming more spoiled. They want more realistic games with better graphics and immersive gameplay. One of the factors that can contribute to satisfying their demands is generative artificial intelligence. And the gaming sector won’t miss out on the chance to implement this and evolve.

Generative AI Explained

Artificial intelligence is evolving, and we are using it even more than we think we do. It is utilized in various industries, such as music, movies, and even gambling, as the best casinos such as can’t afford to fall behind with their offers. Generative AI is a sort of technology that is able and proficient in creating various types of content. As we know, there are numerous types of content. The mainstream ones are text, video, audio, and images. The thing is, the quality of that content can be incredibly improved if the generative AI is trained adequately. This is why the experts think it will revolutionize the gaming industry.

The Future Use of Generative AI

AI can be used with numerous things, even to boost creativity in many ways. Analysts state that the video game industry relies on generative AI developing around 5 percent of the game’s content now. However, in the next five to ten years we can expect that number to increase to 50 percent. That represents an amazing increase and a whole new shape for the video game industry. Some may think that the number is too high, however, recent tests show that this is a realistic prognosis.


Some may think that generative AI will take the jobs of the people, but this can be seen from a whole new angle. If the teams in the software development companies remain the same, it means that with the combined utilization of generative AI and the human force, more can be done. With smaller expenses and due dates, games can have a larger world and more characters, making the gameplay more immersive. So, how can it be utilized, and how will it change the gaming industry?

Non-Player Character Development

The development of NPCs is considered a game-changer for the future of video games. These characters are increasingly important for both the storyline and gameplay. With the implementation of generative AI in their creation, they can be far more responsive to players, and more natural. Realistic behavior of NPCs contributes to players feeling more involved in the game. With good AI, these characters can even be thought to respond to different players in different ways, personalizing the experience for every gamer. In that way, unique game storylines will be created.

Adaptive Difficulty

Generative AI can affect not only the characters in the game but the players as well. The idea is that it will analyze the player’s behavior as well as the skill level. There are pros, there are newbies, and everyone in between.


The level of difficulty can’t be the same for them, yet the quality of their gaming experience needs to be of the highest level. That is only possible if the pros are given a more challenging environment, and newbies have a chance to beat their opponents so they can advance and experience the story. In both ways, gaming will be at the highest level of skills for separate players.


Generative AI is certainly a game-changer for many industries, and video games are going to look a lot different than today. Improving this technology will allow us to have a unique and exciting experience, which must be welcomed by every gamer.