Greatest Games on The Phone Without Internet

Image3Deserved hits like the well-known Genshin Impact have earned their titles. But these games cannot be comfortably enjoyed on the bus on the way to school or work. You need immersion and time. And also constant internet and traffic. Therefore, in the mass, casual indies are much more popular. And there are hit titles among them too!

Sky: Children of The Light

Remember your childhood fantasies of flying and air castles? “Sky: Children of the Light brings us back to that blessed time. We will play as a nameless spirit called by the universe to return the fallen stars to the Sky. We will do this during seven linear levels, traveling between clouds and fortresses of a strange reality. In addition, the gameplay is as simple and clear as popular slots in slotamia, nothing complicated. Therefore, learning to play you will not be difficult.

NPCs will move the plot, teach the spirit charms, and give him plushies for customization. Enemies like dragons of darkness are available. You can’t fight them, but you can run away. Multiplayer is also available in Sky, but you won’t get bored in solo.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Play as a strong, independent woman named Rosa, who woke up with a bullet wound and no memory. The only thing Rosa remembers is that she needs to find some girl. Why? Let’s not spoilers! Gameplay before us is a reference to survival horror with oppressive suspense and scrimmages. Save slots are limited, and health kits and ammo are scarce. And there are plenty of nightmare creatures, and all of them are evil. One spiked bat is not enough; you’ll have to use your head.



A noisy relationship simulator with a pretension to realism. The main character is a 25-year-old lonely girl whose smartphone broke, and she suddenly saw the world around her. That’s how she met the love of her life. Or not all. The narrative is linear; the player is required to solve tasks like puzzles to reveal the motives and thoughts of the heroine. Critics praised Florence for its music and visuals but scolded it for its ending. Our opinion – there is nothing wrong with the ending. But there is something wrong with the people of the 21st century.

80 Days

What if we combine Jules Verne’s classic with steampunk romance? You get a trip around the world with zeppelins and steam camels. And also with intrigues, revolutions, and other activities, most of which will pass you by. After all, we have only 80 days! The gameplay is a text quest with beautiful artwork and a non-linear plot. We are given to build the route of our adventure by ourselves, stopping in cities to replenish supplies. There are 170 cities, so you can’t visit all of them in one playthrough. And also the space in the suitcase is limited. All in all, stylish, addictive, and challenging.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

The game doesn’t shy away from copying the most successful mechanics of The Legend of Zelda franchise. We play as a nameless boy-warrior who is looking for his father, cleansing the islands of the Uncharted Seas from all sorts of evil. In front of the player is a small but open world with a lot of activities. Battles with monsters, hoverbike races, sailing, grind, crafting, puzzles… And all this to the music of Nobuo Uematsu, whom many know from the compositions of the classic “Final Destination”.


And this is really something unusual. After launching the game, the interface of an average smartphone appears on the screen. In the story, the player just found it on the street. Having unlocked the gadget, we climb into the gallery, read the messages. And we realize that something bad happened to the girl who owned this smartphone. And perhaps – supernatural. Gameplay is reduced to the study of the contents of the phone for clues. You can also communicate in messengers with the girl’s friends. The goal is to understand what happened to her. “Simulacra” provides an atypical gaming experience. And why in the genres indicated horror – you yourself will understand, and soon enough. And if you dream of understanding games and knowing all modern gaming trends, then the blogs of Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief in Slotamia, are for you.


A Blind Legend

Since we decided to go through non-standard projects, here’s a game with no visuals. No visuals at all. There is just a fog on the screen. This is a story about a blind knight, Edward Blake, who travels with his daughter Louise in search of his kidnapped wife. The player, of course, tries on Blake’s armor. So he can’t see anything, but he can hear everything. Headphones are a must! Otherwise, you won’t understand from which side the bandit strikes, and you will rest in the ditch with a fractured skull. The gameplay is unusual and complex; it can hardly be adequately described. This is the case when it is better to see once. That is, to hear.

Beyond a Steel Sky

The game takes us to the world at the crossroads of cyberpunk and post-apocalypse. We play as Robert Foster, who makes his way through the wilderness in search of a child. Foster will have to survive, shoot, threaten, persuade. In general, they do everything that brutal heroes of adventure action movies usually do.

There are no outstanding gameplay features. The game takes visuals and a non-linear plot. Graphics is stylized under comics, and it is understandable because the game was drawn by Dave Gibbons, who gave us “Guardians”. And the characters were designed by Charles Cecil, who created Broken Sword.