League of Legends: The Season in Progress and News for February 2024

Image3The LoL eSports ecosystem has successfully started its fourteenth season. While we are waiting for the launch of the world’s premier leagues in spring and the final in autumn, there are still events and tournaments to follow. The year speeds up and there are awesome events planned for February. For instance, the AL 2024 Spring and CBLOL Academy 2024 Split 1 are still in progress.

What Events Are Planned For February?

The usual LoL season lasts from January to November. A new champion will be announced in London according to the outcome of the previous stages. It is pretty far and all teams still need to perform successfully in the upcoming events.

Thus, the events have started in the middle of January. While teams of the LEC, the European Premier League, have almost ended the games, there are more championships of interest.

  • During February, fans can follow:
  • The tenth season of the Brazilian League. In its first Split, 12 teams meet in the group stage. The event started on February, 12 and there are matches almost every day till February, 28.
  • The new series of Arabian League has started on February, 15 and several matches are planned for February, 22, 23, and 29.

Then, there will be a short break and the spring part will begin shortly. Therefore, if you wish to follow these events but have already missed something, do not hesitate to read ratings presented on Esports Betting Bro. They show the trends and help to navigate the mass of events and find true leaders.

Some New Info On The Regimes And More

  • The developers announced a few worthy upgrades in the game, namely:
  • An improved version of Arena will appear in the near future;
  • Instead of four, we will have eight teams this time. Each team still has two members (16 players in total)
  • The interface will be also updated. New augmentations, maps, and other valuable features will appear.
  • During the Lunar Feast in cycles 14.3 and 14.4, the U.R.F. will work again, which will then be replaced by another mode.

Moreover, a novel mode will be presented this year. It will be based on the basic League gameplay with some changes and will allow you to play with friends at a slower pace. This is a nice decision and many fans are eager to try it.

Thus, both the competition and the inner world of the project are constantly changing and this makes it even more interesting to follow it.

What Also To Wait From LoL in 2024?

As for the gaming process and especially competitions, fans should also take into account that the developers wish to increase the importance of MSI and its relation to the World Cup. That is why this year the winner will receive a guaranteed invitation to the final. The region that showed the second result will also receive some bonus, but it will not be assigned to a specific team.

In the future, the spots in the final will be also as usual divided between the competing leagues and each region will be represented. Thus, the developers try to make the project as diverse as possible and provide equal chances for all participants.

As for the most anticipated competitions, MSI 2024 is planned for May in China. The final will be held later in autumn after all the preliminary stages are finished. As for the latter, they should take place in Berlin and Paris. The capital of Great Britain will host the final event of the year and welcome the winner.

At last, the developers want to honor everyone who has made significant contributions to the project and its followers. That is why they are going to open the Hall of Legends. Experts from different countries will choose the first person to be immortalized in it. Special events on this occasion will be held in both the game and offline. More information about them will appear later.

Altogether, for now, the season has just started but we anticipate a lot of interesting, unusual, and unique events. It is high time to select your champion and follow the progress of the team. This can bring not only pleasure but also money if you are going to bet on the results. Anyway, the tournaments are worth your attention and the development of the game brings a lot of positive emotions.