The Most Useful Websites For Students

Image1Every current or future student has a lot of questions, from which university to choose or where to find a place to live to how to prepare cool dishes for a party and not go broke – there are a lot of questions, and quickly finding answers to them can be difficult.

We’ve thought about some of the most common questions students have and compiled a list of websites that will be useful to anyone who is already in college or just about to go there.

The Most Useful Websites for Self-Study

1. Khan Academy

A free Internet portal with a huge assortment of micro-lectures in numerous disciplines, ranging from mathematics and English to astronomy and cosmology.

2. Udemy

It is a real depositary of knowledge. To date, more than ten million students have registered on the website. In addition, more than 40,000 lectures await students.

3. Coursera

Courses from leading universities and international organizations are collected on one platform and presented to everyone.

4. HTML Academy

The website is an ideal assistant for those fond of information technology, web development, and programming.


It is an international community of creative people with high-quality and carefully selected courses on various topics from practicing experts.


Even though the portal offers free online courses in various directions, after them, you can get real certificates and diplomas confirming the knowledge gained.


Here, students can find all kinds of information on how to write academic papers, guidelines, manuals, and essay examples.

The Most Useful Websites to Choose a University


On this website, students can read other students’ reviews about universities and professors so as not to make a mistake when choosing an educational institution.


Here, you can find scholarships and grants for study in different countries.

The Most Useful Websites to Find a Job


On this portal, you can choose your location and view up-to-date listings of various offers, including vacancies, ads for rent, and the sale of real estate, goods, and services.

2. Indeed, Monster, Jooble

These are special portals with many vacancies for students and graduates who want to earn extra money while studying.

3. AfterCollege

The website hosts 25,000 companies that all post entry-level internships and jobs. The search engine allows you to browse by college major, which is a great feature for students who can’t decide what they want to do after graduation.

4. College Recruiter

Another perfect place to find entry-level work. The blog is a real gem of the website, where professionals share useful tips for students and graduates.

5. CoolWorks

A great website to find a way to make money during school breaks.

The Most Useful Websites for Activities and Leisure



It is a convenient website where students can rent or buy cheap regular or electronic textbooks. In addition, textbooks can be exchanged or returned within 21 days with a full refund.


Suppose you like to surf aimlessly on the Internet between studies. In that case, this website will be a great alternative to social networks and even help you learn some interesting facts about something interesting.


It is a popular website with thousands of discounts and great offers for students worldwide.


This website offers useful articles, applications, and tips to teach anyone how to live on a limited student budget.


It is a portal with cool, cheap, and very simple recipes that will help a student who needs self-cooking to survive for the first time.


It is another growing resource with tasty and inexpensive recipes and cool modern design.

7. Mint

It is an online resource (and app) that helps you easily plan your budget and calculate income and expenses.

The Most Useful Websites for Finding Accommodation


It is the best website for finding permanent or temporary housing for students anywhere in the world, with a wide selection of rooms and individual apartments


It is a popular website for quickly finding student housing around the world, from Berlin and London to New York and Melbourne.


Thousands of student housing options worldwide, including single studios, shared houses and apartments, dorm rooms, and spaces.


It is a portal for quick search and monthly rental of fully equipped housing in Europe and America, where you can book and pay for housing online.


Students worldwide use this website to find roommates and share affordable housing.

The Most Useful Websites for Traveling


Here, you can enter the name of any country, city, place, or even landmark and immediately get all the routes you can get there by plane, bus, train, ferry, car, or on foot.



Thanks to CouchSurfing, you can travel worldwide, staying with locals ready to provide tourists with a sofa and sometimes a delicious dinner or a city tour.


A portal to quickly find cheap tickets anywhere in the world.


Traveling can be expensive, and with the help of this website, you can ask other people to help you raise the necessary amount for the implementation of the planned trip. Those who are going to travel for educational, charitable, or creative purposes are especially supported.

Bonus: Visit your University Website!

The websites of many universities are very useful resources for students that contain a lot of important information, for example, about housing, insurance, discounts, the local transport system, and much more. Also, through your university’s website, you can contact the student support team and ask them all the remaining questions!