The Role of Encryption in Online Security

Our lives are shifting to online platforms more and more. We use social media, banking software, websites to book our holidays, platforms for education, and so much more. We have grown accustomed to leaving our data on these sites and are doing it with ease. Cyber-attacks are a very real and potentially enormous threat to people. Hackers are attacking the sites to steal people’s money and private information. Therefore, the latest security protocols and measures need to be implemented to prevent those attacks. One of the most powerful tools for that is encryption.

The Risks of Cyber Attacks

As we mentioned, the primary targets for hackers are funds, private information, and similar data. Some websites are ideal for these attacks, like online casinos for example. However, the best among them, like the ones that can be found on, invest heavily in their security. They have to do so, or they will lose all of their players. Some will think that the worst thing for you is to lose money, but in truth, private information has much more value to hackers. This data is used for identity thefts and other criminal activities, which are far more lucrative to hackers and potentially even more harmful to people.

What Is Online Security?

Online security represents all the protocols and measures that are imposed to keep the users safe. And to prevent unauthorized access to databases and servers from hackers and other malicious people. These things are included as the basic recommendations and key security aspects when it comes to web applications. People have often heard about terms like firewalls, two-factor authentication, and encryption, but are not fully aware of what these terms represent. These are the tools with which breaches are prevented, or in a way neutralized. Encryption may be one of the most important. Firewalls are in place as the walls around the system, to protect what’s inside. However, when that defense is breached, encryption is what keeps us safe.

What Is Encryption?

When the first layers of security are broken, encryption is in place to make life difficult for hackers. Since technology is constantly evolving, business owners are aware that they may not be able to always prevent the breach. But they can make the data unusable. Encryption is used to scramble the data, making it unreadable without an appropriate decryption key. The text is being ciphered upon storing or transferring it, changing it to something that is not understandable.


Then, when the data is needed, the decryption key is used to decipher the text to make it readable again. If hackers take the data that is ciphered, they can’t understand it, and they do not have the key.

Most Famous Encryption Protocols

Even though people have never heard about encryption protocols, they probably stumbled upon the term SSL which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is one of the most famous encryption protocols that use certificates for both client and server authentication. It encrypts the data, authenticates it, and ensures the integrity of the message.


These sessions utilize cryptographic algorithms like the ones used by the client and the server. The upgraded version of SSL is called Transport Layer Security or TLS. It is an SSL protocol that is defined by the IETF. You have probably noticed that the beginnings of web addresses start with HTTPS. This is the secure version of the HTTP protocol, and that is how you know that the data that is used in transmission is safeguarded by the TLS.


Numerous safety protocols are imposed on our favorite web content. Besides some that you may have heard of, encryption stands out as one of the most important ones. This is due to its amazing ability to make all the data that can be stolen – unreadable. In that way, even if the safety measures go down, hackers can’t monetize what they have stolen.