What Plastics Project Managers Must Know About CAD Software

Computer-assisted design has made the plastics industry nimbler and more innovative. Learn what plastics project managers must know about CAD software.

CAD software is essential for project managers in the plastics industry. It’s used to create accurate designs (or models) for 3D-printed prototypes and, ultimately, mass-manufactured products. CAD allows designers to quickly visualize their ideas by creating a digital version of their design using a computer-aided design program. Here’s what plastics project managers must know about CAD software.

Project Management Benefits of CAD Software

CAD software makes it easier for project managers to plan and manage their projects by providing them with 3D representations and cross-sections of products in various stages of development. This helps project managers track design details and changes and stay organized throughout the process. CAD also helps project managers quickly identify potential issues so they can lead the design team to adjust for them and avoid the cost of producing a flawed design.

Iterations and Scheduling

Project managers who aren’t familiar with CAD software should take the time to learn what it can do and understand its features. This will help them communicate better with their designers and make their projects run more smoothly from start to finish. Knowing the software’s capabilities also helps project managers create realistic timelines and avoid making impossible demands of the design team.

Some of the most popular CAD software brands in the plastics industry include Autodesk Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo, and Siemens NX. Each of these programs offers different features and capabilities to help project managers oversee the successful design and production of plastic parts and products.

Quality Fabrication

By taking advantage of CAD software’s capabilities, plastics industry project managers can ensure that their team completes projects on time, within budget, and with exceptional quality.

CAD software is an essential tool for any project manager in plastics and related industries, including fabrication shops that use CAD/CAM to produce plastic gears, auto parts, and other machine components.

Plastics project managers know that CAD software can be a powerful ally in creating successful products. Getting familiar with the CAD software their designers and draftspersons use can help project managers significantly. They can communicate confidently with design team members and make better scheduling decisions to successfully execute a new product design or upgrade an existing one.