5 Tips for Making Marketing Animated Video Ads

Animated video is a crucial thing when doing marketing strategy. There are several things needed to support the campaign's success,
animated video

Animated video is a crucial thing when doing marketing strategy. There are several things needed to support the campaign’s success, namely providing a mix of strategies and types of content, such as blog posts, videos, emails, social media posts, and others.

Video can be one of the best marketing strategies to increase your business’s sales and can easily attract the attention of customers through creative and attractive video ads.

The most popular type of video ad today is animated video ads. This video is an effective marketing strategy tool you can use.

The following are tips for making animated video ads for your marketing strategy correctly and effectively.

What are Animated Video Ads?

Animated videos that are popular for marketing strategies are explainer videos. The use of this video is to promote your business services or products by explaining your product’s advantages and critical points.

Apart from that, these animated commercial videos are very beneficial in connecting with the target audience. It can easily attract a lot of attention. It’s the alternative and wider aspect of graphic design.

Several large companies that have well-known products also use animated video ads on TV as one of their marketing strategies, such as Coca-Cola, KFC, Red Bull, etc.

Tips for Making Animated Video Ads for Marketing Strategy

Animated videos are one of the most effective strategies in marketing and getting your business’s target audience to produce animated videos unless you can create your animated videos.

In addition, you can learn how to create animated videos to produce maximum video results and attract audiences to buy products and visit your company profile in the media.

Here are the best tips that will guide you in creating animated ad videos and turning them into beautiful works ready to be promoted.

#1. Creating a Campaign Plan

The first tip in creating an animated ad video is to plan well the objectives of your business campaign and how this video will achieve your goals.

Several things can help to design a campaign plan that you need to focus on, namely adapting animated videos to your business products, creating concepts that match your business branding, and enhancing a solid product image.

This point will help increase product identity and public awareness of your products.

After that, you can create a summary that includes your primary goals, target audience, core message, availability and promotions, budget, and campaign launch targets. You should narrow your video with your niches, such as if you’re running in medical industry then healthcare explainer videos will works for you.

#2. Creating Scripts and Storyboards

The next tip is to create scripts and storyboards to guide you through the concept flow. A hand will help you organize all the video components and give the most out of your animated videos.

Some things that need to include in making scripts and storyboards have the beginning of a hook where you present the main picture of your product. In this middle section, you provide the core message and advantages of the business product.

And the last is a call to action (CTA). Where this section is usually located at the end, inviting the audience to learn more about your business products or services.

#3. Making Animated Videos

Making animated videos can vary according to your needs and business concept. This process requires creativity and patience in its manufacture. Here are a few things you can pay attention to stay on track.

The first thing is to pay attention to the needs and interests of your target audience. Consider video animation needs such as hiring a voice actor or or utilizing AI voice cloning tools. Look at animation software options and pay attention to design quality. Another option is to use an AI voice changer like VoiceSona, which allows you to change your voice to sound like anyone.

#4. Promoting Your Animated Videos

After making animated videos, the next goal is to promote animated videos to the public. You can choose through social media, websites, and email lists.

You should note that there is a possibility that the initial promotion has not yet seen the campaign results. So, it would help if you did several things, including running a test run. Also, collecting promotional performance data, and repeating it consistently.

#5. Tracking Video Campaign Results

The last tip you can do is to track the results of video campaigns. This point is critical to know your success in a marketing strategy and can make future evaluations.

This section will influence your future efforts and make sure you track the performance of videos. Including your ads, social posts, and emails. There are several tools you can use to track campaign performance, such as Google Analytics, Ad Tracking, etc.