8 Exceptional Scholarships for Graphic Design Majors

Only a few institutions in the United States offer specific full-ride scholarships for graphic design students. Such offers are usually available to all learners regardless of their majors. However, some organizations are quite specific about how their grants and scholarships promote education. Entities in the art industry often support artistic and creative students. Sometimes, the scholarships are even more specific, with characteristics such as gender and race as critical qualification requirements. Here are some unique graphic design scholarships.

Unique Scholarships for Graphic Design Students

Black Design Leaders Grant

Mechanism ventures are very specific about their target audience. One of its scholarships for graphic design students is the Black Design Grant, which is only available to African American students. The organization offers several grants in different categories to black learners. This one is specifically designed for design majors targeting those interested in pursuing careers in startups. The approach is based on the need to overcome the marginalization of the African American community in the business environment.

Mirajur Rahman Self-Expression Scholarship

This scholarship is only available to first-generation graphic design students. It’s designed to motivate learners in the art sector to express their unique feelings and opinions through creative works. The scholarship targets high school seniors with exceptional writing skills. Although its objective is to promote self-expression through writing, graphic design students can utilize the organization’s commitment to creativity in young people. By combining writing skills and graphic design interests, one can overcome the competition to win a reasonable amount.

Julie Madison Memorial Art Scholarship

The Julie Madison Memorial Art Scholarship recognizes and appreciates single mothers through financial support to their education. The scholarship is also available to single moms’ children pursuing art-related courses in higher education. This scheme is best suited for graphic design majors experiencing financial challenges. However, you can also win up to $5000 in tuition by demonstrating your artistic prowess with an artwork and a personal statement. The scholarship is open to all high school seniors who meet the application criteria.

Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship

The Helen Lansdowne Resor scholarship is one of the most lucrative graphic design scholarships in the United States. Wunderman Thompson organizes this annual award in honor of Helen Lansdowne Resor, the first female advertising chief in the United States corporate sector. With up to $10,000 available to every successful student, the award will cover tuition for most art courses and extend to other school-related expenses.


However, the scholarship is limited to marginalized voices in the creative industry, making it only available to learners from specific social groups. It’s currently available to women and non-binary individuals pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a creative field.

Leading Graphic Design Scholarships by Value

Not many scholarships can match Wunderman Thompson’s generosity under the Helen Lansdowne Resor scholarship. Most awards range between $200 and $1000, only sponsoring tuition and related expenses. Very few organizations have notable grants for graphic design students. In that case, before you spend a week working on a personal statement, application essay, or capstone paper, consider the value of the scholarship. Some scholarships are worth hiring the best academic writers from FastEssay to write your capstone project quickly. You may need the best professional writing service available based on the expected competitiveness and quality.

Richard B. Watkins Scholarship

This scholarship offers up to $20,000 annually to African American students pursuing various degrees, including graphic design. You only need to be enrolled in a credible college or university in the USA to qualify. The organization awards four structured payments of $5000 covering various expenses such as tuition.

Since the scholarship targets creative art majors, you will need to be at your best in creative work. You will also need to demonstrate your creativity through a piece of writing or artwork with a unique perspective. Like any lucrative award, you must communicate your reasons for application and why you are better than the other applicants. Present your best application essay to maximize your chances if you choose to apply.

Vectorworks Design Scholarship

You can win up to $ 10,000 for yourself and your institution by submitting your latest design work to Vectorworks. The amount covers tuition and other education-related expenses. You will also get access to Vectorworks software and labs for you and your institution. The scholarship is open to local and international students pursuing higher education in entertainment, architecture, design, and related fields. Since the organization aims to promote professional development, winning the scholarship stretches beyond schooling. Accessing the latest technology in your field puts you a step ahead of your coursemates and beyond the classroom. This scholarship gives you an edge over your competition in the labor market after school.

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF)

With over $100,000 up for grabs by applicants next year, you cannot fail to apply for the PGSF scholarship. The organization’s primary objective is to increase learners’ knowledge of available career opportunities in the creative graphics industry. As a result, they focus more on the outcome of education than the training.

Thus, the scholarship funds more than tuition, targeting specific challenges graphic design students face in their studies. It funds travel expenses and equipment, allowing winners to explore the industry and widen their reach. You can win up to $5000 annually and get a chance to intern at different jobs in related fields by demonstrating your artistic prowess with a notable application. The scholarship is also available to educators in graphic design, increasing access to training and maintaining up-to-date information in the sector.

Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics

While the Joanne Pransky scholarship is for design students only, it’s a noteworthy grant to include in your portfolio. This scholarship is only available to women in robotics and related fields. This award is a marginalized community fund for women. Its primary objective is to promote inclusivity in robotics by encouraging and supporting more women. Although you can win the scholarship by writing one or two scholarship essays, your graphic design skills can exalt you above the competition.


Graphic design students interested in robotics can expand their reach by showcasing their creativity and winning such awards. Besides, robotics overlaps with various disciplines, and you can incorporate its principles into graphic design. The extensive reach of robotics explains why previous winners of the Joanne Pransky scholarship are from various academic and professional fields. However, the scholarship is only available to female learners. You can win up to $3000 from this event regardless of the discipline of specialization.

Life hack

You can win any graphic design scholarship by showcasing your artistic prowess with an artwork. Create your best piece for the application, using only one design per award. If the application includes a personal statement or scholarship essay, seek help from a professional writer or friend.