Expert Advice on How to Use Free Spins to Your Advantage

When it comes to gambling and free rewards, many gamers are very sceptical. Is it possible that the house is giving something for free? Well, it turns out it’s more than possible! These freebies are often very sweet when you stumble upon them online, but they can actually be used to your advantage if you play your cards right. Here is a small guide on how to find and use free spins, and how to make the most out of every bonus.

Understand the Terms Like a Pro

Now you will say: “Ha, I knew there was a catch and of course I can’t have spins for free!”. Wait a minute, you can have them. However, just like anything else in life, with free spins, there are rules you need to know about. For example, each bonus has terms and conditions that you can view on the website. These include the number of times you must bet in order to receive your rewards, the amount of money you must spend, and other details. Also, some spins need to be used on specific games or in a specific way or time–all of this is stated in the rulebook. Make sure to read it before you get your hopes up, otherwise, the chances of you getting your freebies will significantly drop.

Securing Your Bonuses

Okay, now that we scared you sufficiently, it’s time to turn to some nicer themes. For instance, where to get your free stuff. Today, most online casinos offer these bonuses and prizes, most likely to attract users and retain old players. If you don’t want to go through every online casino (and there are thousands of them right now), you can find your perfect bonus free spins by browsing review websites and reading their impressions. They have the most accurate info on each online casino, together with their bonus offers, so you can just pick one you like, and start your adventure. There’s also social media, especially websites like Reddit, made by the people for the people.         

Diversify Your Portfolio

Many gamblers are quite strange here–they find a game they like and aim all their resources into it.


This loyalty is nice, but when it comes to using your free spins, why not diversify? By doing this, you’re adding spice to your casino experience and knowledge to your gambling skills. And since these spins are free, you can try out many different games guilt-free, without spending your money on a potentially losing try. Each game has different odds, rules, and strategies, and free content gives you a chance to explore all of them.

Timing Is Everything

Free spins and other bonuses often don’t last forever. Many of these promotions are tied to a specific time period, like happy hour or certain holidays (like New Year’s bonus, St. Patrick’s gifts, Summer giveaways, etc.) So you need to be there in order to claim them, and they are very much worth claiming. So don’t think it’s silly to set your reminders and alarms to check out these special deals.


Also, while we’re on the subject of timing, it’s important to play when you feel good–this will make a difference. Set some time aside for this activity so you can actually enjoy it, do your best to place smart bets, and feel every spin. This is the only way gambling is worth your time and money.

Keep an Eye on the Prize

Guys, let’s not forget what’s important here. We can’t get too distracted by the wins and freebies and waste all the money and spins at once. The important thing here is to come up with some sort of budget that fits your wallet and bank account and stick to it. Yes, even if you’re using free stuff! Once the budget is drained, you’ll be sorry you didn’t pay more attention to how you’re using your bonuses, so take your time, focus on what’s important, and don’t go chasing losses.

That’s it, these are our top tips about free spins. They are mostly based on common sense, but it’s very important to keep them in mind when considering claiming and using your bonus rewards. Hopefully, you’ll profit from your smart tactics and enjoy your online casino experience like never before.