3 Tips for Creating a Business Card People Want To Keep

Improve your networking with a high-quality business card that highlights your professional worth. Use these tips for creating a card that people want to keep.

Business cards create a lasting impression, even in today’s modern digital world, where business interactions often happen online. A well-designed business card presents your essential branding information and helps make you and your business unforgettable.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful software application used by designers and artists to create vector graphics. Unlike raster graphics which are made up of pixels, vector graphics are created using mathematical equations that allow for infinite scalability without loss of quality. This makes Illustrator an ideal choice for creating sharp and crisp designs, especially when it comes to cropping shapes like circles.

However, a poorly-designed business card can easily end up in the trash—unappreciated and quickly forgotten. Maximize your card’s marketing potential with these three tips for creating a business card people want to keep.

1. Keep It Easy To Read

You might want to print every business-related detail about yourself on your card. But as with all good design, you want to focus on the best way to showcase essential information: who you are, what you do, and how to reach you.

Include your name, job title, company name, contact number, email address, and website URL on the card. Use a crisp font in a size that’s easy to see clearly.

2. Choose High-Quality Material

Cheap and flimsy cards can reflect poorly on your professionalism, and such a design doesn’t compel anyone to keep the card. Invest in a high-quality card with a thickness that makes the card feel substantial when held. Details such as a matte or gloss finish and optional embossing can also help your card stand out.

While thick cardstock is a classic option, consider if other materials can provide a more memorable tactile experience. One of several things you should know about plastic business cards is that they have a premium feel and makes people want to keep them.

3. Display Creativity

Another tip for creating a business card people want to keep is to make it attractive with creative and professional design. Use your brand’s colors, logos, or visual elements that reflect the heart of your business values. Check business card templates from websites like Freepik for inspiration to create your designs.

Consider using the back of the card as a creative canvas. You could include a striking image or a compelling call to action to encourage the receiver to contact you or visit your website.

Creative Tip: Consider Useful Additions

Adding value beyond contact information is a creative way to make your card important to the recipient. For example, consider incorporating a QR code that directs the cardholder to exclusive content or offers on your site.

Your card concisely represents your professional identity, and you want it to market your business well. Prioritize a clean look that keeps the information legible, choose high-quality material, and use creative design to help keep yourself and your work on people’s minds.