6 Block Puzzle Hacks for Beginners and Intermediates

Image1Want to take your mind off the daily hustle? Start solving puzzles and keep your mind on the track. It seldom happens that we forge to remain composed when a lot is going on. Block puzzle games keep our thinking straight and simple. These games teach us where to begin and how to solve a puzzle. Things become more enjoyable when you can solve and win cash prizes. How can you do so? Solve Block Puzzle win real money on specific apps, but you must achieve a certain level. Your prime aim will be scoring points to touch a particular level and win. What will you have to do for this? Grow your puzzle-solving skills by following these hacks. Yes. It is that simple!

6 Hacks to Win in Block Puzzle Game

  1. Work on the corners and edges first.

Think logically, and you will find that identifying blocks in the middle is nearly impossible. This is why you need to focus on the edges and corners. In block puzzle games, corner and edge pieces are always unique. They will differ from the rest and will be easy to identify. Focus on those pieces and start setting them in the right places. You might have to use trial and error methods to set the piece at the right corner. It may take some time, but you will at least get an idea to begin solving a critical puzzle. In some mobile gaming apps, you will get three blocks of different sizes to set. In such games, you aim to complete horizontal and perpendicular lines to score points. Here, focus on the corners and try to avoid leaving spaces when you set available blocks.

  1. Follow patterns and set blocks.

The second hack is to follow the patterns. Every block puzzle game has a particular set of block shapes. Such shapes appear randomly on the screen. All you have to do is remember all these shapes and wait for the right blocks to appear. Keep spaces open for straight lines and square blocks if you are playing a Tetris-themed block puzzle game. These blocks help you to complete multiple lines at the same time.


Remember to follow the first hack if you are playing puzzle games where the board varies in shape. Always try to focus on the edges and corners. Try completing the board shape with the available blocks and score more points. If you are allowed to rotate available blocks, then it becomes more complicated. Make sure you set blocks by thinking correctly and completing a set quickly.

  1. Beware of the interlocking pieces.

Here comes the real challenge. If the block puzzle game were easy, it wouldn’t be interesting. Hence, there is something that will make you think twice before setting a block randomly. Yes! You guessed it right! The blocks that are not symmetrically shaped will be the hardest to set on a board. You will have to think twice before setting interlocking pieces properly. These pieces are complex and will always leave empty spaces within the blocks.

Try not to leave empty spaces within the blocks so that you can use the symmetric blocks easily to complete multiple lines at a time. If the complex blocks cannot be rotated, set them where the risk is low. This approach helps you to simplify the puzzle game. You aim to manage the randomly appearing blocks and score more points to win cash prizes.

  1. Small sections of a big puzzle

Expert puzzle solvers break a big puzzle into small sections. It means you can concentrate on each section and quickly solve a problem. This is an approach to solving complex problems in personal and professional lives. Segment a problem into small sections and deal with them individually. Similarly, divide a tough puzzle board and set pieces accordingly. You will achieve better results. If the block puzzle game is based on completing lines like Tetris, this approach must be changed. Focus on setting blocks and fill the board from one or two corners. Keep spaces empty for upcoming blocks. This hack will help you put more pieces and always have moves.

  1. Use your imagination

Solving a puzzle emphasizes using one’s imagination. Think about what will happen if you put a piece somewhere on the board. This thinking will help you get through a block puzzle game easily. You will make a challenging puzzle less overwhelming. Your imagination power will automatically increase when you practice solving block puzzles on your favorite app.


Once again, focus on the gameplay and learn where and how to set blocks to complete lines. Follow the rules and put your imagination on the right track. This hack will help you reduce steps to achieve the expected score and win rewards. Keep an eye on the incoming blocks and wait for the pieces you need to complete lines and empty the board.

  1. Be patient

Patience has always been the pillar of good decisions. Whether solving puzzles or facing a critical situation, your patience will define the outcomes. Make a timely decision, as it may end your game prematurely. Similarly, it takes a little time if it is a time-based game. Be patient and use your imagination. Check where you can set an available set of blocks on the board to use the minimum space. Align the blocks accordingly and try making straight lines. Complete multiple lines at the same time. Try making one or two lines and score points if you can’t. Keep the board free as much as possible to set more blocks and continue the game. Wait for the right blocks to appear. Till then, keep placing the available blocks and manage the space on a puzzle board.


Follow these six simple hacks and win cash rewards by solving block puzzles. Every player has their style of completing puzzle levels. Some popular apps use AI to create a random set of blocks based on a player’s skill level. So, download one such app and get started with your block puzzle journey. Develop your unique strategy to win on your phone when you play this puzzle game.