How to Become a Logo Designer Simply and Affordably

When thinking of a logo, one should remember that it is the visual representation of a brand or a company, something like an Identity Card, so it should be as unique as the brand itself. It draws a set of figures together and a closely knitted image of the brand. Thus, logo designers shoulder the burden of creating a haunting image that lasts forever. This article will explain a logo designer’s job and how to be one.

Who are Logo Designers?

They are graphic designers recruited by companies to customize the brand and its logo manually. Needless to say, they have experience in graphic designing and advertising and an eye for details. They might be freelancers not working for any specific companies or employees in a graphic designing agency.

Must-Have Skills

When hiring a logo designer, a company should be aware of the fact that not all designers have the same artistic skills, aesthetic sense, and passion. However, some qualities should be there in each designer.

Excellent Information Gathering Techniques

Professional designers should conduct thorough research into the business and the products before commencing the process of designing a logo that fits the brand description. They should be able to gather as much data as possible about the brand by following two inspection methods: first, Branding Questionnaire, in which they ask the clients about the services they provide, and second analyzing the feedback given to them by the client company. Designers shouldn’t shy away from asking any questions.

The Ability to Read Between the Lines

Their interpretation of the data they obtained from the questionnaire or feedback shouldn’t be literal and superficial. Professional logo designers understand the company’s concept and begin sketching the logo.

Innovation and Creativity

Logo designers are artists, after all. Their imagination shouldn’t cease to come up with something completely new, exploiting all the available equipment, such as Font libraries, color charts, etc. They should also inquire with the company about the desired placement of its logo animation, be it on social media profiles, the company website or blog, or even incorporated into the product itself.

Keeping Pace with the Latest Technology

They should always keep themselves posted with the latest breakthroughs in graphic designing and editing techniques constantly launched in the market. They have to know how to operate diverse photo-designing applications on computers or smartphones.

Flexibility and Good Communication Skills

They should know how to reach out to clients to elicit information and explain themselves and their work. They need to be open to any criticism their client directs to them or their work, as well as any last-minute- changes their client asks for.

Furthermore, they should open a dialogue channel with their customers to explain certain aspects of the logo that need to be edited or canceled.

Having Marketing Skills

Since the ultimate target of any company is generating more money, then some experience in marketing and what sells would be the icing on the cake.

How to Become a Logo Designer?

1. Academic Study

In order to be professional, logo designers need to complete a four- year-university course on graphic design in which they raise their likelihood of being hired. Such academic experience will enlarge their knowledge of art and basic business management skills, and an associate’s degree might also be acceptable.

Whether logo designers have formal academic learning or not, they will be asked to do crash courses in fields such as Art Principles, Photos Ads, and the ABC of Printing.

2. Internship

Before venturing into the business world by starting their own company or working for another company, a training period is necessary for logo designers to polish their skills and other aspects of their personalities, which will render them more hirable such as being a team worker or punctual.

3. Create a Comparing CV and Portfolio

Before applying for the job, as any other job applicant, you need a CV. However, they also need to attach a portfolio of their recent work to their CV. For example, a logo they designed for a friend or an advertisement design created for a company.

4. Apply for the job

Now that their CV is ready with all the visual proof they need to demonstrate their talent, they should start asking around for vacancies either in a company in their roundabouts or remote companies since they can work from home.

The Job Challenges

1-Long time spent before the computer screen as they need to open an online communication channel with the client as well as design a logo using computer software

2-Long working hours, especially when they have work in hand because they need to finish their work before the deadline given to them to keep a margin of time for adding some final touches suggested by the client

3-Lacking job security because they are on the job as long as they are catering to the company’s needs but not a second more, and whenever their artistic talent goes dry, they are shown the door

4- Scarce vacancies resulted from the many designers who threw their hats in the ring and the few opening available since each company requires no more than one or two


In short, logo designing is an arduous job that usually goes underestimated. However, it is as demanding as any other position and creative as any other genre of art.