How to Develop Your Own Multi Service App Like Gojek?

In recent times, we have witnessed a considerable growth ratio of multi-service apps in the on-demand market. The reason behind the popularity of the multi-service app is its convenient environment, allowing consumers to shop for almost every essential thing under one business. It is a wholesome platform for those who prefer to avoid scrolling through various apps. The multi-service solution can accomplish all the tasks using only one platform. The Super App is the alternative name for a multi-service app.

The globe has given us some successful examples of such super apps, and getting inspired by them; entrepreneurs are now shaping their businesses with digitalization. Gojek is one of them, inspiring entrepreneurs to develop their multi-service software with the help of the Gojek clone. If you are also one of them, this guide is a must for you to check out. Here we will discuss what a Gojek clone is and the development steps to follow.

Overview of Gojek

Gojek or Go-Jek is South Asia’s leading super app example covering the on-demand market with various benefits. At first, it was offered with ride-hailing service through a call center in 2010 in Indonesia. After that, the company established its official app in 2015 with four significant products, including Go-ride, Go-food, Go-shop, and Go-send. It recorded 30 million app downloads in less than two years, which was a proud moment for them.

By validating 20+ products in 3 major countries, it earned the title of the multi-service platform and became the first unicorn company in South Asia. On 17 May 2021, Gojek announced the completion of its merger with Tokopedia and established a new holding company named GoTo. According to the reports, Gojek had 170 million users throughout Indonesia. Such an inspiring story, right? Let’s move forward with the most crucial part, the development process.

Steps of Development

There are a lot of things you can offer to your audience with the help of Gojek Clone. Must consider these development stages

 to make your software visible to the audience.

Market Analysis

Before beginning the development process, it is essential to study current market trends. Like what’s currently in trend, what customers want, what are the painful points of customers that you can provide a solution to, and much more. It will assist you to be clear with your trade niche, so you can know which products will get high and low success rates in the industry.

Choose the Right Team

The following step is finding a qualified development firm that can accomplish the app development process for you. It is necessary to select the right development team who can complete the task within a given period and have a well-experienced team of developers to build an app similar to Gojek. Such companies offer a pre-built model for the super app. Therefore, you can take the demo, and if suitable, you can directly purchase the readymade solution.

Platform Matters

Another crucial element is to select between different platforms to launch your application. Well, you got three platform options to launch your software: native app, cross-platform app, and web app. Native app platform stands for Android, iOS, or Windows. The Second is a cross-platform, also known as a hybrid app, in which the app is developed on a single coding and can be optimized for different platforms. The third one is a web app – it looks similar to the mobile app but functions on the web browser. So now you have to select the platform you would desire to launch your multi-service app.

Decide On Tech Stack

Technology is the most crucial and critical part of the development process. With the help of the latest technology, you can support various functions within the app. You can select HTML, CSS, Google Clouding, Ai and Machine Learning, AR/VR, Chatbot, Blockchain, Linux, AWS, and more. The cutting-edge tech stack will make your app development powerful enough to provide your customer with scalable functionalities.

Design & Develop

After checking out the necessary facets, the subsequent stage is to produce the application. First, the development team will work on wireframes to show how your app structure will look. It visually represents your future app’s structure with buttons, pop-ups, and more. After confirming the blueprints, you can finally tell the app development team to start coding. Be sure that you have assigned the right team for the coding phase.

Test And Launch

After the development process, the next step is to test your multi-service app. Testing is a must before you make your application accessible to users. By any chance, if there is any bug, then you can sort it out before launching. With testing, you can effortlessly check if all the features and functions are working correctly; if not, you must fix it first. With successful and bug-free app testing reports, you are all set to make your multi-service app LIVE.

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Cost of Development

It is not feasible to conduct the exact cost of development. Hence the budget relies on various factors such as;

●  The UI/UX app design you choose for the software will also vary the cost structure.

●      Second, the size of the application also affects the budget; if the size is large, you have to spend more on funding.

●      The more advanced functions you will include, the more budget it will cost. Live tracking, In-app chat, schedule bookings, and more will take a high-cost structure.

●      The platform you choose to launch your app also affects the budget since every platform charges differently.

●      After launching your app live, maintenance is also there to consume the budget. It becomes necessary to update and maintain your app in time.

However, the cost structure can be estimated from $20k to $90k or more, depending on the advanced features and tech stack you use to build the application.

Perks to Develop Gojek Clone

After the Covid-19 outbreak, the online market has witnessed continuous growth in online shopping. People are now more aware of safety and no-contact delivery. According to Statista, Asia generated the highest eCommerce revenue, with more than two trillion US dollars in 2022 worldwide.

Therefore this is one of the key reasons to invest in an online store, so you cover the consumers who wish to shop online.

The multi-purpose concept got much popularity in recent times. People choose the all-in-one app instead of downloading too many apps to accomplish the task. So you can provide a smooth flow of online shopping to payment gateways in one app, making it more convenient for users to use the platform.

Another best perk is to generate a high profit with a multi-service app. Since the software is all about offering various services so on with more services, you can get more customers, which will initially lead to generating more profit with the app platform.


The Gojek clone app makes the best on-demand solution for business providers looking to serve their customers with a wide range of products. The guide shows the simple steps to follow for developing your own multi-service app like Gojek. You can achieve massive success in the current market with the help of a super-app platform.