How to Duplicate Artboard in Illustrator and Move It

How to Duplicate Artboard in Illustrator

Are you looking to learn how to duplicate an artboard in Illustrator and move it? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Duplicating artboards can be useful for creating design variations or organizing your artwork. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to duplicate an artboard in Illustrator and seamlessly move it around.

To begin, open Adobe Illustrator and navigate to the document containing the artboard you want to duplicate. Once there, select the Artboard tool located in the Tools panel on the left side of your screen. With the Artboard tool selected, click on the desired artwork you want to duplicate.

After selecting the artboard, press Ctrl+Shift+D (Windows) or Command+Shift+D (Mac) on your keyboard. This handy shortcut instantly duplicates your selected artboard. You can also right-click on the selected artboard and choose “Duplicate” from the context menu.

Now that you have duplicated your artboard, it’s time to move it around within your document. Click and drag the duplicate artboard using either the Selection or Artboard tools. Position it wherever you desire within your workspace.

By following these simple steps, duplicating an artboard in Illustrator and moving it becomes a breeze. Whether you need multiple versions of a design or want to reorganize your artwork layout, mastering this skill will greatly enhance your workflow efficiency in Illustrator. Introduction

Are you an aspiring graphic designer or Illustrator enthusiast looking to expand your skills? If so, mastering the art of duplicating artboards in Adobe Illustrator can be a valuable technique to add to your repertoire. In this section, I’ll guide you through duplicating artboards and moving them effortlessly within your Illustrator workspace.

How to Duplicate Artboard in Illustrator

Understanding Artboards in Illustrator

Artboards are an essential feature in Adobe Illustrator that allows you to create and organize your designs. They act as individual workspaces within a document, allowing you to simultaneously work on multiple designs or variations. In this section, we’ll explore the concept of artboards and their significance in Illustrator.

  1. What is an artboard? An artboard is like a canvas within Illustrator, where you can create and arrange your artwork. It represents the printable area of your design and determines the boundaries for your illustrations. Each artboard has its dimensions, rulers, and settings, making it easy to manage different sections or versions of your project.
  2. Benefits of using artboards offer several advantages when working on complex projects or creating multiple variations of a design:
  • Organization
  • Efficiency
  • Exporting flexibility
  • Seamless workflow
  1. Creating and manipulating artboards In Illustrator, creating an artboard is simple. You can choose from preset sizes or customize the dimensions according to your requirements. Once created, you can resize, reposition, duplicate, delete, or rearrange them.

To duplicate an existing artboard and move it:

  1. Select the desired artboard using the Artboard tool (Shift + O).
  2. Right-click on the selected artboard and choose “Duplicate” from the context menu.
  3. You can now move the duplicate artboard by dragging it to a new position within your document.

Remember, artboards are versatile tools that allow you to work efficiently and organize your designs effectively. Whether you’re creating multiple versions of a logo or working on different sections of an illustration, understanding how to use and manipulate artboards in Illustrator is crucial for a seamless design process.