Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Evaluation

At the very beginning of 2024, Korean tech giant Samsung launched its latest lineup of Galaxy series phones, bringing us the joy of discovering the innovations and benefits of the new Galaxy AI experience. With three variants – classic Galaxy S24, S24 Ultra, and S24 Plus- the users can choose the option they find most attractive and suitable for their needs. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra seems to draw the most interest from the public, often referred to as “the most capable phone on the market”. So, here’s the list of key features that make this device stand out as a game changer in the phone industry.

Super-powerful One UI 6.1

Currently available exclusively for Samsung 2024 flagships, Ultra’s One UI 6.1 software brings some improvements to the functioning of Samsung phones. Firstly, it made a push for the AI experience and changed the design, such as wallpapers, traditional Always on Display mode, emojis, and similar. Besides that, Ultra has software that is faster, more efficient, and more intuitive, as it allows its consumers to complete daily tasks effortlessly.

This will make content like the one found on even more entertaining for consumers. With updated features integrated with QHD resolution and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3’s graphics processing power, this phone also brings a revolution to the user experience. Browsing, watching movies, listening to music, and online gaming will become more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

A Combination of Samsung and the Latest AI

Ultra brings technological development to a tipping point as it comes incorporated and empowered with Galaxy Artificial Intelligence (AI). Among numerous features that are worth looking into, we will mention just a few to illustrate the potential Ultra has. The Live Translation and Interpreter functions allow you to translate foreign languages in real-time – both phone calls and voice messages. Chat Assist helps you translate messages in 13 languages in seconds.

Note Assist makes you better organized, while the Circle to Search option generates intuitive search results based simply on circling the object or a person on the screen. Simply put, Ultra transforms from just a phone to a super-powerful tool that fosters productivity and enhances day-to-day routines.

Bringing Creativity to Life

Ultra’s symbiosis with AI unlocks the creative potential of its consumers. Repositioning, resizing, realigning, polishing, editing, removing reflections, filling in empty spaces, fixing angles in photos already taken, or smart suggestions on how to make a perfect shot with your 200MP camera – you choose and let the Generative Edit tool do the magic. When it comes to recording and making videos, Ultra steps up the game with its Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset, the ability to switch between all cameras and record as much as 60 frames per second in 4k.


If that doesn’t seem enough, you can also capture high-resolution 8k videos in both standard and zoom modes.

A Bit of Skepticism

Without diminishing all the features that make Ultra a game-changer, it is fair to note three things that you should have in mind if you consider treating yourself with this gem. Firstly, this experience will cost you around 1300 USD, and as rumored, AI features will be cost-free for a limited time only, until the end of 2025.


Secondly, the at-the-moment-exclusiveness of AI functions will shortly be gone, as future updates will bring AI to previous Samsung models as well (2023 flagship). Finally, if you are not inclined to integrate AI into your life, you should probably skip this device.


Relying heavily on highly touted AI features, the S24 Ultra offers a new way of living to its consumers. It fosters productivity, unlocks creativity, and supercharges the gaming and browsing experiences, thus pioneering a completely different era of mobile phones. It is ambitious, super-powerful, and a must-have for true cellcoholics.