Seamless Surfing: Navigating The Web With Dolphin Anty Browser


Every device holds a set of data that websites use to identify visitors, track their activity, and restrict certain kinds of access. This data set, more commonly known as a digital fingerprint, is the reason for the recent surge of anti-detection browsers like Dolphin Anty. In this article, we’ll explore what Dolphin Anty is, what it offers, and who can benefit most from it.

What is Dolphin Anty?

The Dolphin Anty browser is designed to conceal digital fingerprints, bypass restrictions, and enable its users to leverage a large number of distinct browser profiles simultaneously. All the profiles are assigned a unique digital fingerprint that masks the one belonging to the end-user’s device. This allows casual web surfers to enjoy extra privacy, affiliate marketers to perform traffic arbitrage, and social media managers to run multiple accounts on Facebook, TikTok—and elsewhere hassle-free.

What needs to be emphasized is that the underpinning technology used in tandem with Dolphin Anty is proxy servers. Proxies are intermediary servers that stand between a device and access to the internet. When any connection request is made by the user, their device’s traffic first goes through the proxy server, where the device’s IP address is replaced with that of the proxy’s.

Dolphin Anty has the user toggle their proxy settings as part of its setup process. It is compatible with a vast number of different proxy services, allowing one to pick and choose the most reliable solution to use together with the browser.

However, what happens when no proxy is used at all? In that case, the newly created browser profile will still manage to spoof the browser details, though these changes will be made obsolete when the website detection system tracks the different profiles to the same IP address. As a result, if you were using sensitive social media platforms, they may get banned and your access otherwise restricted.

What Are The Benefits of Dolphin Anty?


At its core, Dolphin Anty possesses several features that have propelled it to the top of the anti-detection browser rankings.

  • User-centered design. Dolphin Anty prides itself on having an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to learn and even easier to use daily.
  • Browser automation. From performing a log-in to running full-time operations—the activity of individual browser instances can be effortlessly automated via an interactive map.
  • Teamwork tools. Dolphin Anty comes equipped with several tools to make teamwork more efficient, such as status-tracking, note-keeping, and above all else—role distribution.
  • Comprehensive digital fingerprints. Since digital fingerprints consist of a set of data, the more of the set is masked, the better the chances of remaining undetected. Dolphin Anty allows users to set up over 20 parameters to be masked, including WebRTC, geolocation, language, timezone, and more.
  • Inter-profile bookmarks/extensions. Dolphin Anty helps users save time on re-adding bookmarks and reinstalling extensions by saving them across all profiles.

Who Is The Target Audience For Dolphin Anty?

Initially, Dolphin Anty centered its functionality around the needs of affiliate marketers. However, it has since expanded to accommodate the demands of professionals and casual users alike.

  • Social media managers can use Dolphin Anty to engage in multi-accounting—the practice of running several accounts by one person. Typically, social media platforms rely on digital fingerprints to enforce preventative measures against using more than one account per person. Apart from using Dolphin Anty to avoid the restrictions, social media managers can also use the browser automation tools to streamline content processes.
  • Cryptocurrency users can similarly benefit from maintaining several unique digital identities. Discrete multi-accounting is applied in various crypto activities, such as crypto airdrops, NFT raffles, crypto whitelists, etc.
  • Affiliate marketers were the original target audience and remain a part of it today. Dolphin Anty’s set of tools fosters traffic arbitrage—that is, the redirection of traffic from one page to another.

How Secure is Dolphin Anty?

Security is a popular aspect to mention when discussing any contemporary cybersecurity solution, such as an anti-detection browser. It must be noted that security can mean something vastly disparate for different technologies.


In the case of Dolphin Anty, we’ve already established at the beginning of the article that it relies on proxy servers. Proxy servers conceal their user’s IP address to protect it from prying eyes with malicious intentions.

However, proxy servers cannot prevent, for instance, man-in-the-middle attacks that happen over unsecured WiFi hotspots. Additionally, such cases can be avoided by using a VPN—a virtual private network. Connection requests sent through a VPN are safely encrypted, no matter whether sent from a household or a cafe.

Wrap Up

In summary, Dolphin Anty offers an innovative approach to online privacy, adeptly handling digital fingerprinting and web tracking. It is also a valuable asset for a wide array of users, from affiliate marketers to social media professionals. Its effectiveness is heightened when combined not only with proxies, but with VPNs as well, underscoring the importance of comprehensive online security