Untrue Myths About Casinos Officially Debunked

Untrue Myths About Casinos Officially Debunked

You don’t have to look far to find someone preaching some or other casino conspiracy. From stories about blatant casino cheating to tales of casinos that use bizarre tactics to keep you awake, there are almost too many to list.

So, is there any truth to these tales, or are they all just complete nonsense? Let’s take a closer look, analyze these stories, and see if there’s any truth to them.

Casinos Cheat Players

Starting with the most obvious, there are numerous stories about how casinos scam players out of money. Some claim that Roulette wheels avoid big payouts, while others insist that slot machines can change their payout patterns at random.

The answer to all of these stories is simple; no. Online and land-based casinos operate under a license. It isn’t easy to get a license, and virtually all casinos don’t want to risk losing their license. So, to put it bluntly, no casino can ever cheat a player, lest it get shut down by a gaming authority immediately. Authorities audit casinos regularly, ensuring that every game operates according to a strict set of standards. If there is any sign that a casino is not following the rules, it is shut down.

If you learn anything from this, it’s that you must play at a casino that operates with a license. Check the footer of a casino site to find licensing proof.

Casinos Pump In Oxygen To Keep You Awake

Of all the silly casino myths that exist, this is perhaps the silliest. Can you imagine an enormous, complex oxygen system pumping tons of air into a giant building? How much oxygen do you guess is necessary to have an actual impact on all the patrons? Why, casinos must spend millions on buying and pumping medical oxygen, so much so that it’s a wonder they turn a profit at all.

Untrue Myths About Casinos Officially Debunked

Of course, casinos don’t pump in oxygen, and anyone believing such a ridiculous myth clearly hasn’t thought out the logistics. However, the medical oxygen industry can only hope that someday casinos will actually try and do this. They’ll be making a fortune in no time.

If You Win Too Much, A Casino Will Eject You

Can you imagine casinos randomly throwing out guests who are winning too much? It’s another silly notion, though in this case, the myth probably comes from a real phenomenon. If a casino suspects that you’re cheating, security will ask you to leave. In this case, cheating includes card counting.

Card counting is not technically against the law, but it is against casino policy. Casinos are private venues and, as such, have the right of admission. So if you’re card counting and taking the casino’s money, security will ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave, security will escort you to the door. If you resist an escort to the door, then yes, security will throw you out.

The moral of the story: don’t cheat at casinos or you’ll get thrown out. Simple.

Casino Games Are Hot Or Cold

You’ll often hear someone in a casino saying that a game is hot or cold. In other words, the game is or isn’t paying out at the moment. This is a long-running casino myth that comes from Gambler’s Fallacy. Gambler’s Fallacy claims that if a game of chance isn’t paying out for a while, that it is due to start paying out soon. Or vice versa. To put it bluntly, this isn’t true, and in no way must you take the idea of Gambler’s Fallacy seriously.

At an online site, take a look around, and you’ll notice something interesting. All the games run on software, meaning that they all pay out completely at random, even when using bonuses to play. More precisely, all the games run on Random Number Generators (RNG.) RNG is, and always will remain, completely random. So, how exactly is a game hot or cold?

The truth is that RNG always offers the exact same chance of a payout. It doesn’t matter how frequent wins or or how frequent losses are. It is always, for every spin of a slot or Roulette wheel, the exact same chance of winning or losing.

Every Casino Game Is Just Luck

There are some who insist that every casino game is nothing more than luck. While this is true in the case of some games online at Jumba Bet casino and in land-based venues, it isn’t always true. Casino games come in the luck variety but also in the skill variety. Some casino games pay more, depending on how good you are at the game.

Slots are an example of a luck game. There is nothing you can do to alter the outcome of a spin, no matter how hard you try. So no matter what, you’ll always win or lose, depending on how Lady Luck feels.

But then there are games like Poker and Blackjack. Poker, when you play against opponents, does have an element of luck. But there is also plenty you can do to turn a losing hand into a winning hand. Bluffing, for example, can easily make a worthless hand a victory. See how it works?

Untrue Myths About Casinos Officially Debunked

Blackjack is another skill game, though some don’t seem to think so. Yes, there is also an element of luck in Blackjack, but over time, you can come out on top. Though, Blackjack is an immensely difficult game to master, and you can’t go in expecting to win if you’re an amateur. But if you study the strategy guides, you can win at Blackjack more often than you lose.

Casinos Don’t Allow Clocks

Last but not least, perhaps the most common myth of all is that casinos don’t allow clocks. Why? Because it’s easier for you to lose track of time and keep gambling forever. While it’s true you won’t see many clocks in a classy casino, you also won’t see them in malls. More to the point, why don’t you just take out your phone and check the time, if you really want? Casino security won’t throw you out if you check your phone for the time, we promise.