What Are the Graphic Design Trends in 2023?

Creative minds are responsible for the designs, but the context of the era these minds live in determines the trends, showing how art can imitate life. In 2022, the world was still recovering from the pandemic’s shock, making the design trends colorful, expressionist, comfortable, and nostalgic.

A big part of the optimism of the past year remains in 2023, but it is affected by rising inflation worldwide and advancing climate change; it proves how the trends reflect the perspectives of the society from which it emerges. 

The response to the surrounding elements differs from designer to designer, being either curiosity and excitement or defiance and rejection. This article will discuss what trends are expected in graphic design in 2023.

Mysticism and Celestial Tarot Aesthetic

The general interest in mysticism and spirituality is familiar; what is different now is the wider audience base it is gaining. The mysterious nature of this subculture is the reason behind its newly gained popularity. People look for something certain and divine, like the universe’s rules. Seeing the younger audience corresponding to the mysticism aesthetic will certainly not be a surprise.

As for in a design context, mysticism comprises icons related to divination and astrology. It relies heavily on familiar symbolism such as sacred geometry, the lotus flower, crystals, moons, the sun, zodiac signs, and the all-seeing eye. In the past ages, these symbols were considered to be talismans; they infused the celestial with the natural worlds to give a mysterious and profound meaning.

This trend uses dimmed colors with muted tones to give a calming effect and the imagery of skies, stars, and meditative faces to evoke a sense of spiritual delight and peace. The escape it offers gives hope and consolation away from earthly concerns. When taken from a visual perspective, these designs have ingrained gentleness thanks to their construction with organic curves and thin lines. They give a delicate and soft feeling. 

Restoration of the mid-80s Resoprint

The printing technique (Risograph) was developed in the mid-80s in Japan. It started the trend of cheap bulk printing that relies on washed-out colors and dots. The results of this technique were grainy images accidentally imposed with double exposures. 

In 2023, this printing method will be recycled for abstracts and graphics. The dotty and distressed textures it is mostly known for give noise and depth to minimalistic shapes, forming the inspiration behind many designers’ creations of dreamlike valleys with a touch of vintage flair. The textures and colors of this printing technique mix minimal features with maximal caricatures to depict real characters. 

Rich Colors and Gradients

The Y2K (the year 2000) revival is ensured to happen, and it is to bring Tropicalism back with it. The color-rich aesthetic is mostly used in the design circles of Afrofuturism and Funkadelic; in 2023, it is penetrating the mainstream. This trend is expected to bring bright illustrations, holographic designs, funky and bold typography, and colorful, bright prints.

As a branch of the Celestial Tarot trend, Gradients are also expected to have a bigger part in the 2023 design choices. It has gained much fame in the second half of the past year and is expected to be picked up by more wellness brands. That is because the noise and aura elements are super influential in the online wellness culture. It will probably be seen combined with floral elements.

Funky and Handmade Elements

Not far from the domain of colors and retro restoration, the exploration of Bauhaus-inspired elements is highly predicted. That means thick clean lines, sharp geometric shapes, bold primary colors, and bubbles are all making a strong come-back. These elements will be seen more with brands hopping on the trend and embracing aspects of strange and funky shapes with little to no decoration. 

Another trend that is expected to top the charts in the world of graphic design this year is doodles. Handmade and hand-drawn patterns add a human touch to designs; it warms them and helps business owners connect with people on a deeper level. They humanize the brands and give them a stronger appeal thanks to their quirky patterns and free-flow illustration.


If you are new to graphic design, you can handle the situation without overwhelming yourself and stressing about the quality of your work. You must create a graphic designer resume, showcase your past works and personal style, and let clients see and come to you with new projects. 

It is ok not to follow these trends and to mix and match them in the way that suits the designers and their styles. After all, all of this year’s trends fall under the category of expressive artistry, so the designers can feel free to do what they are most comfortable doing.