Free Procreate Tree Brushes To Add To Your Collection

Are you looking for free procreate tree brushes to add to your collection? I have a few places where you can snag them.

Tree brushes are a vital part of creating scenes, and I often get asked where to find them. This list may not be the best, but they are definitely free to procreate tree brushes you can use on your next project.

I’m sure as you browse through your brushes in Procreate, you’re familiar with the built-in tree brush at this point. While it works great, some of us need more variety in our drawings and fewer repeats of the same tree shape. So I’ve created a set of free procreate tree brushes for you to download, use and enjoy! 

The Procreate Tree Brushes you need:

Download these free procreate tree brushes today! Each of these procreate tree brushes are unique and beautiful in their own way. These brushes will help you create a variety of different trees in your designs. The first 3 brushes are darker, with a lot of shading, while the next three are more vibrant with less shading. The last two brushes are meant to be used as background trees or filler trees. I hope you enjoy these brushes and find them useful in your art! –

If you’re in need of some new brushes to spruce up your Procreate toolkit, look no further! We’ve gathered a collection of free tree brushes that you can download and start using right away. Whether you want to create an autumnal landscape or just add a touch of greenery to your drawings, these brushes will come in handy. So what are you waiting for? Download the brushes and get creative!

Procreate Tree Brushes

The Splatter Brush Tree

The Splatter Brush Tree is the perfect way to add a little bit of nature to your next design. This brush set comes with 6 different types of leaves and trees you can use to create an incredible variety of backgrounds.

These brushes were created for iPad Procreate, but they can also be used in Photoshop or other art programs.

The Brush Pen Leaf Tree

The Brush Pen Leaf Tree is a free brush set for Procreate. You can use these versatile brushes to create a variety of different leaf shapes and sizes, as well as full trees.

The Brush Pen Leaf Tree contains 19 Procreate brushes that are compatible with the latest version of Procreate. These brushes are compatible with both iPad and iPhones.

The Watercolour Tree

The Watercolour Tree brush pack is a FREE set of Procreate brushes that will make your trees look professionally painted!

Want to create beautiful watercolor tree art? Don’t want to spend hours trying to make it look right? With our new Watercolour Tree brush pack, you can. These brushes are specifically designed for our customers who want beautiful tree art but lack the time or skill to create it themselves. These brushes are simple to use and will make your tree art look professional!

Here’s what we’ve got in this pack: Watercolour Tree Brush Pack. They’re compatible with all devices running iOS 11+ or macOS High Sierra+. The Scratchy Leaf Tree

This free procreate brush set gives you 6 different tree brushes in one! You can use them to create simple or detailed leaf shapes and layer them together to create the perfect tree.

The brushes are all on the same layer, so you can adjust the opacity of each brush to get a different look for each one.

These tree brushes are great for adding some detail to your scenes, or for making quick backgrounds for your illustrations.

The Crayon Tree

The Crayon Tree is a free procreate tree brush set, with a total of 15 brushes. The collection includes various types of trees—pine, palm, oak, and more.

The Crayon Tree was created by artist and designer Nicky Paton to inspire artists and designers to create their own drawings and illustrations.

The Crayon Tree is a set of free Procreate brushes that can help you create beautiful drawings and paintings.

The Textured Wooden Background Tree

This pack of free Procreate brushes brings you a set of realistic trees and foliage for use in any genre of artwork. Use them to create depth and texture, or just make your work look more interesting!

This bundle contains 5 textured tree brushes, made on Procreate with my own hand and the help of some brushes. They are perfect for digital art and printable art. All the trees come in PNG format, so you can use them however you like.

The Thick Winter Tree Brush

The Thick Winter Tree Brush is a collection of high-quality tree brushes for the Procreate painting app.

With the right brush settings and brush size, you can easily draw anything from an ancient tree with gnarled branches to a thin sapling just starting out its life in the forest.

Thick Winter Tree Brush is a Procreate brush set of five tree brushes to make a more detailed winter scene and alter the fill colors. Each brush has its own unique style, so you can easily create the perfect winter scene for your project. –

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you got something useful out of it. Procreate is a growing platform, and they have a very active community. These brushes are some more resources from the community to take their art to the next level. It is my pleasure to bring this content to you today.

Whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer, or just enjoy quality hand sketches, trees are an easy way to make your drawings look vibrant and alive. Now you can download a pack of tree brushes for free! Procreate Tree Brushes will give you the tools you need to create lush life-like forests in your art. When you have access to the same set of brushes that professionals use, your work is sure to shine through. Enjoy!


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