8 Tools for Improving Graphic Projects for Beginners

8 Tools for Improving Graphic Projects for Beginners

Graphic designers are responsible for producing online graphics for various projects, such as web pages and promotional materials. They use a range of tools to brainstorm, create, edit, and share their work with clients and team members. This article provides a comprehensive list of tools for improving graphic projects. They will help organize graphic design services for beginners but are also suitable for experienced designers.

Leading Graphic Design Tools

  1. Freepik

Freepik, one of the best free graphic design platforms, offers designers access to multiple AI-powered tools for various projects. Along with its user-friendly interface and in-program live customization features, this website allows you to enhance your designs with professional finishes.

With Freepik, users can easily create stunning AI images using the AI Image Generator and create custom images for social media or any creative project. The AI text writer tool helps generate engaging content for social media, while the brand kit generator aids in creating visual assets for branding projects. Other notable tools include HD image background remover, AI art generator, AI presentation maker, logo templates, and many possibilities to create incredible designs.

Freepik also provides a library of templates to assist designers in quickly creating professional designs without starting from scratch. Whether you need a logo, business card, or Instagram story template, Freepik has you covered.

2. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects, an advanced AI-powered image processing tool, has revolutionized the world of graphic design. It effortlessly transforms your designs into stunning works of art with just a few clicks.

The software offers a wide range of unique art styles to elevate your images. You can customize the foreground and background separately, create personalized artistic styles, render images at any resolution, and choose from styles inspired by renowned artists. Additionally, Deep Art Effects provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for seamless integration of filters and image-related features into other applications.

Key features of Deep Art Effects include:

  • AI-powered transformation of artwork
  • Predefined filters for easy editing
  • Offline rendering of images and videos
  • Comprehensive parameters for individual artwork customization
  • Intelligent resizing with exceptional details
  • 4x upscale supported by AI for high-quality images
  • Easy-to-use brush size and style weight settings
  • Optimized for both PC and Mobile Devices for maximum usability.

3. PDF Scanner App

These are tools that make quick scans of documents and prepare them for sending. Don’t underestimate the importance of file sharing. The purpose of the PDF scanner app is to digitize documents, and this is important because the analysis of digitized documents is many times more effective.

8 Tools for Improving Graphic Projects for Beginners

Another useful function of the PDF scanning tool is the conversion of PDF to Word format. If you work with physical documents, you need a scanner app. It doesn’t even make sense to discuss this.

4. Khroma

Khroma, a color tool powered by AI, primarily serves designers. Users can train an AI algorithm by handpicking 50 visually pleasing colors, enabling a neural network to recognize thousands of comparable shades. Based on user preferences, the tool generates limitless color palettes, offering two color combinations in four different templates: Type, Poster, Gradient, and Image (users can even upload their own images for color testing). The Palette template supports four color combinations, enhancing uniqueness and maximizing usability.

5. ProofHub

The proofing software simplifies the process for graphic designers to receive client feedback and make changes to designs. It offers a platform for clients to mark specific areas for discussion and add commentary, allowing the designer to easily incorporate changes and receive feedback from the entire project team until the design is complete.

6. RemoveBG

The RemoveBG software is an intelligent and efficient AI tool that greatly enhances the image editing process. It allows users to easily remove backgrounds and apply white backgrounds to PNG images, resulting in more impactful designs in less time. This tool seamlessly integrates with popular design programs, eCommerce sites, and computing environments, making it ideal for incorporating into workflows.

To fully leverage the benefits of RemoveBG, it can be seamlessly integrated into Photoshop to design and efficiently process large volumes of automobile photos. It provides additional features such as an Adobe Photoshop add-on, pre-designed templates, and API documentation. Furthermore, RemoveBG offers apps for Android, Mac, and Linux for easy accessibility.

RemoveBG has various advantages, including the ability to process multiple images per minute, an automated background removal process, user-friendly software design, high-quality output images, and quick operating speed. As for disadvantages, continuous use of the tool requires a software bundle purchase.

7. PicsArt

Designers, regardless of their skill level, can utilize this photo editing tool to craft designs and edit images and videos. With both app and desktop versions available, this tool fosters connections among designers through user-friendly features and an in-program creative community. Notably, PicsArt sets itself apart by providing all features free of charge, making it more accessible to emerging designers and distinguishing it from other professional platforms.

8. Designs.ai

Designs.ai is an AI-powered graphic design software that revolutionizes accessible design solutions. It effortlessly crafts a marketing portfolio within minutes, even for design novices. With its intuitive smart editor and wizard tool, creating design concepts for marketing content becomes seamlessly efficient.

On the Designs.ai homepage, you’ll discover a powerhouse tool for crafting logos, graphics, videos, mockups, and speeches. Gain access to an extensive library of over 20,000 templates and 10,000 icons, making it easy to bring your design visions to life. Leverage the power of AI technology as Designs.ai generates thousands of potential designs, unlocking endless creative possibilities. Customize your logo and design templates by inputting your brand information and style preferences.

Key features include supportive tools, a brand identity package, a color-matching tool, and font-pairing options. Enjoy scalable vector graphics, seamless sharing and feedback functions, and unlimited downloads.

9. Adobe Illustrator

Designers can utilize Adobe Illustrator to manipulate 2D or 3D graphics, completing various projects such as logos, symbols, and entire design compositions.

8 Tools for Improving Graphic Projects for Beginners

This versatile tool empowers graphic and web designers, as well as other artists, to undertake a wide array of projects.


Among the listed software, there are those that simply provide tools for the designer’s work. But there are also more modern options that are powered by AI and can perform some functions automatically. For example, AI-based quick background removal works well and consumes minimal time. The combination of AI and human efforts is a current trend, and it is reasonable to enter into it now.