How to Make a Signature More Impactful with Graphic Design – Top Tips

Artists like Vincent Van Gogh feared after creating their priceless work that the impact of their art wouldn’t last forever. While we understand why Vincent, having made only painting in his life, feared that graphic designers have infinite leverage on the contrary. 

You may fear that your signature might lose its impact in the age of technology. But our top tips on making a signature more impactful with graphic design will save you from that fate. With innovative graphic design and other tricks, your email signature can now be more relevant than ever. 

Design Your Signature as a Lead 

Did you know email signatures can help with customer conversion too? 

That’s right; they can, but only if you design them accordingly. For instance, you might want to book a Zoom appointment or present a special offer to customers. Your signature should have a link to highlight the special event when clients or target audience clicks upon it. 

With innovations in graphic design, you can even convert your handwritten signature to personalize your emails. Doing so also helps convey to clients that they’ll get top-quality, personalized services from your brand. 

Make Your Email Signature Concise 

Sometimes, less is more, and with email signatures, one can make the most impact with precise information. For those who wish to know how to make a signature impressive with graphic design, a good trick is to take a minimalist approach 

Leaving more white spaces around your email signature has a soothing impact on the viewer. On the contrary, those who cram too much into their email signatures make them look like mini-billboards or autobiographies. Sometimes the abundance of quotes and links look too overcrowded to the eye, failing to make the impressive professional impact you want. 

Recipients wouldn’t be willing to engage with a person’s brand whose email signature comes overloaded with information. Plus, a reasonable amount of information communicates that the sender respects the recipient’s willingness and time to engage with their signature. 

The most you ought to communicate is your brand’s logo or company name and a link that lands on your LinkedIn profile. Also, if you wish, you may add a smart headshot as the business owner. 

Make Your Signature Elegant, not Flashy 

Email signatures are not street fashion, and it is imperative for business owners to maintain decorum. Hence, when using graphic design to create your signature, try making it visually appealing yet professional. So how can you do that? 

Take a look at the following tips:

  • You may use animated features for your graphic design signature but choose business-appropriate ones. 
  • Secondly, we’ve noted that visual illustrations have a greater visual impact than a photograph. Hence, a good idea is to accompany your signature with your face’s visual illustration using graphic designing tools. 
  • The focus should be on the key information you wish to impart with your signature. Hence, we recommend using as few animated features as possible to minimize distraction. It would keep the recipient’s focus strictly on your signature and CTA than other unnecessary features. 
  • Rather than making your signature too colorful and gaudy, maintaining a single color palette and font is a better idea. It would be great if you select colors that your agency or you personally use for business. 

Be Mindful of the Hierarchy 

Sometimes, the arrangement of the different elements can be very off, which is a big put-off visually. When designing your signature, it is imperative to be mindful of arranging the visual hierarchy elements in order of importance. 

It makes a powerful impact on the recipient, emphasizing information they should note to engage in productive business with you. Generally, the most important elements are contact information, CTA, and some graphics. 

If you wish to emphasize some pieces of information more than others, you may choose larger font sizes, line dividers, catchy buttons, graphics or varying colors. If you are not too adept at graphic design, you could always hire a professional designer with an on-point visual hierarchy to make your signature. 

Add Your Credibility for Better Impact 

Your signature is the best opportunity to show off your credibility. If you’ve got impression degrees, qualifications and business accolades to show, your signature is the best platform for it. You could add your qualifications, HND or degree in your signature. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re wondering how to make a signature impactful and relevant in these digitally advanced times, you have graphic design at your disposal. Most importantly, when choosing the right ingredients to make your email signature appealing, don’t forget to add your CTA. 

With a few helpful tips, like those mentioned in this article, along with your banners, buttons and clickable icons etc., you can surely impress your clients with your signature.